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Meet Judge Mablean and Learn About Her Net Worth

Getting the chance to meet with Judge Mablean and learn more about her career and her life is one of the biggest accomplishments of my lifetime. This is because she is not only an award-winning judge, but she is also a very successful career woman. She has been featured in many TV shows, and is involved in many non-profit organizations. The list of awards she has received is long, and she continues to work in the entertainment industry.


During her career, Judge Mablean has fought for the rights of others. She has worked in various legal organizations, including the Black Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles. She was appointed as an adjudicator on the Divorce Court in 1999 and served for seven years. Her tenure was marked by great success.

Judge Mablean Ephriam was born in Hazlehurst, Mississippi. She is the ninth of ten children born to Robert T. Ephriam and Mable Ephriam. She attended Thomas Jefferson High School in South Central Los Angeles. She earned a Juris Doctor degree from Whittier College School of Law in 1978.

Mablean Ephriam’s first job was with the Women’s Division of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. She then attended law school at night. She graduated with honors and passed the State Bar examination the first time.

In 1982, Judge Mablean opened her own law firm. She specialized in family law and personal injury. She was appointed prosecutor of Los Angeles in 1982. She was also co-founder of the Harriet Buhai Center for Family Law, a pro-bono legal aid for domestic violence victims. The center expanded to provide legal assistance to low-income people in Los Angeles County.


During his seven years on the Fox TV Divorce Court, Judge Mablean earned a spot as a real judge in the courtroom, presiding over numerous heartbreaking cases. With a background in law, he has the knowledge and experience to guide families through the process.

Judge Mablean is also the founder of the Mablean Ephriam Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to strengthening underserved communities in Los Angeles. He also hosts the H.U.F. Awards and Scholarship Brunch, an annual event that recognizes unsung fathers.

The event is an excellent way to honor a group of exemplary fathers and celebrate a day that is geared towards fathers. It will feature a series of awards and a live musical performance by the Michael Phillips Band. Besides recognizing the best in the biz, the event will also award collegiate scholarships to qualifying students.

For the past 15 years, Judge Mablean has arranged a series of award ceremonies recognizing unsung fathers and awarding scholarships to worthy recipients. This year, the event will be held at the Long Beach Hilton Hotel on June 18.

The event will feature a live musical performance by the Michael Phillips band, a “tell it to the hilt” demonstration of the H.U.F. Awards, a large display of the best in the biz, a “smart” award, and a smattering of celebrity guests.

Relationship with Cassius Paxton

During the years of their marriage, Mablean Ephriam and Cassius Paxton had a love-hate relationship. They separated in 1981 after twenty years of marriage. After the divorce, they went through some internal problems. However, they were able to overcome them. They eventually became the first mother-daughter duo to be nominated for Daytime Emmys in the same year.

Judge Mablean Ephriam is the founder of The Mablean Ephriam Foundation. The Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to strengthen families and financially empower impoverished communities in Los Angeles. The foundation is also a tax-free charity.

Judge Mablean Ephriam is known for her role as an adjudicator in the courtroom series Divorce Court. She also hosts Justice with Judge Mablean. In addition to her role on the show, Ephriam has also been involved in social service programs. She is also active on Twitter and Facebook.

Mablean Ephriam was born on April 23, 1949 in Hazlehurst, Mississippi. She received her Juris Doctor degree from Whittier Law School in 1978.

Non-profit organization

Throughout her career, Judge Mablean has been honored with a number of awards. She was also chosen to be the presiding judge of the Divorce Court television program for seven seasons (1999-2006). She has also been the co-founder of the Harriet Buhai Center for Family Law, which provides legal services to low-income individuals in all areas of family law.

She has also been a hearing examiner for the city of Los Angeles civil service commission. Judge Mablean has been admitted to practice law for almost forty years. She is also a member of the National Bar Association.

Judge Mablean has always had a spirit of excellence. She has served in many legal organizations, including the Young Lawyers Division, the Southern California Women’s Department, and the Diversity Committee.

She was also a member of the Board of Directors for the Union Rescue Mission. She also authored a book, Life Lessons: Tools for Weekly Living, which is a practical self-help guide. She has also been awarded a four-year academic scholarship to Pitzer College in Claremont, California.

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