Jordan Bel Air Shirt

Will Smith and the Jordan Bel Air Shirt

The Jordan Bel Air shirt is one of the most renowned sneakers in all of sports and undoubtedly one of the most beloved sneakers ever created. It has also become a timeless piece of pop culture that has been featured in countless movies, TV shows and music videos over time.

The Air Jordan brand became a signature item in sports and hip-hop culture, as rappers such as Notorious B.I.G., Ice Cube and Jay-Z referenced it lyrically throughout the 1990s. Additionally, it influenced streetwear fashion in that it quickly became a must-have item during that era.

Air Jordans were originally designed with basketball players in mind, but quickly gained popularity among casual wearers as well. Rappers and celebrities such as Ice Cube, Jay Z and Kanye West wore them both casually and in music videos alike.

Will Smith is renowned for his extensive sneaker collection, and some pairs have endured the test of time. The shoes he often donned on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air were every sneakerhead’s dream come true.

Will often wears his white and royal blue Air Force 1 Highs on the show, but they weren’t his only pair of kicks; in season three he also donned an Air Jordan 9 that was released in 1996.

Another shoe that made an appearance was the Air Jordan 1. Its design was inspired by sleek racing lines of cars and carbon fiber-based monocoque Formula 1 race cars.

Tate Kuerbis, Senior Footwear Designer for Air Jordan Shoes and part of Nike’s legendary team since 1999, designed these iconic models. Featuring a smooth sockliner, visible air unit, and bright blue shark teeth on either side of the iconic swoosh logo, these sneakers stand out in any crowd.

This colorway pays homage to the iconic Air Jordan 90s and pays homage to Will’s affinity for purple. It also features a black Jumpman on the inside of the shoe along with an eye-catching “poison” green pattern on the outsole.

Jordan not only created his signature shoes, but a line of apparel as well. The Air Jordan 2 and 3 were his most popular releases, but he also collaborated with Nike on a collection of tees featuring basketball imagery.

This tee is ideal for anyone who loves to show off their favorite sneaker in style. It’s soft, lightweight and breathable for all-day comfort – plus, you can show off your Air Jordan 5 or any other pair of Jordans you may own!

If you’re a true shoe enthusiast and fanatic, there’s no better way to honor the shoe that helped shape your life than with this stylish tee. Add it to any outfit for an elevated style statement every time you don it!

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