John Legend Jacket The Voice 2021

On The Voice 2021 John Legend Jacket

The Voice has returned to the airwaves and to the minds of fans of country music and pop. It also brings back Carson Daly, the show’s original host, and a host of celebrity coaches and mentors. One of these is singer/songwriter John Legend, who has appeared on multiple singing reality shows as well as the stage to perform his latest album. In the last few years, Legend has become a household name and has been nominated for a few awards along the way.

For example, the on and off screen duo has been teasing international viewers about their clothes. But this is not the first time that the two have crossed paths. In fact, Dave Thomas, a British fashion editor turned men’s stylist has styled stars like Sean Combs, Blake Shelton, and Sting. As a result, it is not surprising that Thomas has become a jack of all trades. Not only has he donned the leather jacket on countless occasions, he has also thrown his hat into the fashion ring for the likes of Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande.

Of course, it is not a surprise that John Legend has been lauded for his stellar vocals, ear candy, and snazzy wardrobe. On the same token, his appearance at the upcoming GQ Awards has been touted as the apex of the red carpet season. And there is no doubt that the on and off screen duo has a slew of high-tech, high-touch interactions. So, it is only fitting that one of the more expensive items in their wardrobe is a high-end jacket.

This jacket is a well crafted piece of outerwear that is made of the best material available. In addition to the slick faux fur lining, the jacket boasts a pair of side pockets and a pair of waist pockets. Also, the lapels of the jacket are lined with rib-knitted cuffs. To cap it off, the jacket is accompanied by a YKK zipper, a surefire way to guarantee a snug fit.

In short, the On The Voice John Legend Jacket is the real deal. If you are in the market for the best-looking tuxedo that you will be proud to wear for years to come, check out this item. You will be glad you did. And you may even have a chance to take home the grand prize. Besides, who knows, you may just get to shake a fist to your favorite star or two!

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