John Hudson Dilgen Still Alive

Is John Hudson Dilgen Still Alive?

John Hudson Dilgen was born with a rare skin condition that causes his skin to blister and tear at the slightest touch. For 14 years, this teenager has battled this condition and made it his mission to find a cure. His story has inspired millions around the world, even inspiring actress Jessica Biel to take part in a virtual Plunge for EB in her hometown of Los Angeles.

This teenager’s life has been forever altered due to his EB diagnosis, and it’s incredible to witness how many people he’s inspired in such a short amount of time. He has made it his mission to educate people about EB while raising money for an effective tub that will aid in treating his condition.

He will soon have access to treatment for his EB thanks to the thousands of donors who contributed to his GoFundMe campaign. This is an incredible accomplishment and will have a lasting effect on his life.

Funding the construction of their tub and renovating their bathroom was no small feat, but thanks to all who have contributed through crowdfunding campaign support and the dedication of this family, they were able to raise enough funds through their campaign.

They were able to finance the construction of a home for their son that is mortgage free and equipped with cutting-edge technology to help him lead an optimal life. The house was constructed by Tunnel to Towers Foundation, who surprised the Dilgen family on Wednesday with their new residence.

This charity is dedicated to building handicap-accessible homes for disabled service members and veterans, making a tremendous difference in the lives of many individuals. They have already constructed 75 houses so far and plan on continuing their mission.

When the Dilgens were diagnosed with EB, their previous home wasn’t wheelchair accessible and costly to repair. Thankfully, The Tunnel to Towers Foundation decided to help by building them a new house specifically tailored for John.

This new home provides all of the necessities for his comfort, such as an elevator and ramp to get in and out of the house easily. Plus, there’s a room specifically designated for hydrotherapy treatments which will help treat his skin condition.

He can now take his medication at any time of day or night from home – something his parents have been struggling to provide for him.

His mother Faye Dilgen is an endlessly energetic individual with a great deal of patience and impatience, qualities which have served her well both in her professional capacity as a physical therapist and caring for her son.

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