Joe Lacob Nicole Curran Wedding

Joe Lacob and Nicole Curran Wedding

Joe Lacob has become an iconic part of the Warriors since buying them in 2010, while Nicole Curran, his fiancee, has played an equally integral role in their lives since. Curran serves as president of the Warriors Community Foundation and board member for their philanthropic arm; additionally she works at La Jota Vineyard as a wine connoisseur and has made appearances at media releases and public appearances by the franchise.

However, Curran recently received criticism for appearing to come between Jay-Z and Beyonce during a game of the NBA Finals. A video of her leaning forward toward rapper Kanye West went viral online and death threats have since followed; Curran spoke with ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne regarding this incident and disabled her Instagram account in order to stop further threats against herself.

Curran can be seen chatting with Jay-Z and Beyonce in the stands while they watch a game, before leaning over to see if they wanted drinks and trying to hear them over crowd noise. She explained she has received death threats due to this video, so wants it made clear she did not come between their superstars by leaning forward.

Curran was raised by her single mom after her parents divorced when she was just 3 years old and went to George Washington University on full scholarship to study teaching. While working full time as an elementary teacher, Curran also made extra income at ice cream parlors and hair salons – earning herself two teaching certifications along the way.

Nicole can often be found supporting the Warriors at games or events; she’s often singing the national anthem at games! Nicole is also a regular guest on local radio programs, as well as being involved with charitable efforts and helping various causes.

Nicole is not only involved with the Warriors but is an advocate for women’s health and animal welfare, boasting over 200,000 followers on Instagram alone. Nicole enjoys reading, gardening and going to movies as hobbies; as well as cooking up delicious meals for her children while visiting many countries – an inspiring figure indeed!

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