Joan Jett Iconic Outfits

Joan Jett’s Iconic Outfits

Joan Jett was a rock ‘n’ roll icon who spearheaded the riot grrrl movement during the 70s and ’80s. As the frontwoman for The Runaways – an all-female LA glam band with whom she fronted, helping hone her signature sound and fierce stage presence. Even in an otherwise male-dominated music industry, Joan quickly rose to the top, finding success for decades thereafter. Aside from her incredible music career, Joan left an indelible mark through her unique sense of style that she still sports today as part of her signature look – leather, chains, studs and safety pins are among her signature looks which remain.

Joan Jett is an unrivaled source of fashion inspiration, especially among women looking to add something extra badass and memorable to their look. With iconic looks such as her trademark kohl-lined eyes and coal-colored mullet that instantly recognisable to fans everywhere, and still rocking that classic punk aesthetic. Joan continues to influence modern frontwomen such as Jemina Pearl, Hayley Williams and Ellie Rowsell of Paramore/Wolf Alice bands who all take their own approach on Joan Jett aesthetic.

Joan Jett wasn’t known only for wearing black leather outfits; she often experimented with bolder colors and patterns as well. She would pair these looks with biker jackets and combat boots, often accessorizing with heavy chain and stud necklaces, chunky leather cuffs, and lots of bangle bracelets; Joan also loved sequin dresses!

Joan Jett favored messy side buns and blunt bobs with bangs as her go-to hairstyles; at times, she even donned a short blonde buzz cut!

Joan Jett was no stranger to success as a musician, yet still struggled with personal challenges and addiction issues throughout her life. At one point she came close to death while struggling with bulimia and alcoholism as a teen; with help from manager Kenny Laguna they eventually forged Joan Jett & the Blackhearts and have made history ever since.

Though they never signed with a record label, Jett and her partner managed to carve out a successful independent music career as independent artists. Sometimes selling albums from their trunk after shows was necessary in order for her to continue doing what she loved best – music.

Joan Jett made history during her rock and roll career by breaking boundaries and breaking barriers for women in rock and roll. She was an inspiration to generations of young girls to take up guitars and form bands of their own; she demonstrated there were no obstacles standing in the way of women reaching greatness; her groundbreaking style will endure for decades more – in honor of this iconic rock star we present these never-before-seen photographs that provide more insight into her iconic style and persona.

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