Jesse Buss Net Worth

Jesse Buss Net Worth

Jesse Buss is an American businessman who is incredibly rich. He is a member the National Basketball Association and owns the Los Angeles-based company, the Lakers. He is also the father of two children and has two siblings. The combined net worth of the busses is more than $300 million.

Buss’s career as a businessman began when he was just a teenager. He began by working for two dollars a day at a motel. He dropped out of school later to work for a railroad. But he returned to complete his undergraduate degree and his doctorate in physical chemistry at University of Southern California. In 1959, Buss bought a fourteen-unit rental property in West Los Angeles with money from his first job. He purchased a house in West Los Angeles owned by Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford and their family the following year. Buss had made this property into a $350-million empire by 1979.

Buss’ net worth has fluctuated over the years. The most recent news about his net worth has been a series of high-profile health issues. In 2012, he spent months in the hospital suffering from a digestive ailment. This deprived him of the chance to watch the Lakers’ season. He died from renal failure a few months later. Buss’ net worth is likely based on the fact that he has inherited a portion of the Lakers.

Buss was born in 1947 and later divorced his wife JoAnn Mueller in 1972. He had four children with Mueller and two with Karen Demel. All of his children were employed with the Lakers at the time of his death. After being caught driving on an illegal side of the road, Buss was cited in 2007 for driving under the influence. Buss’ blood alcohol was 0.08% in the car accident. He was jailed for this crime.

Buss is a former basketball player but has made a lot of money with his other ventures. Aside from the Lakers, he co-owns the Women of Wrestling, an all-female wrestling league that includes a television show. Buss and David McLane founded the league in 2000. ViacomCBS signed a deal in 2021 that will allow production of new episodes to continue.

Buss’s father, Steve Buss, owned the Los Angeles Lakers and other businesses. Jeanie Buss later divorced him and put her career ahead of her marriage. Buss got engaged to Phil Jackson, former Lakers head coach. The couple split in 2016, and Buss’s Playa Vista home sold for $2.575 million.

Buss’ net worth is estimated to be around $120 million. Buss is a Lakers scout. His involvement in the scouting department has given him a significant voice in the team’s decision-making. His work has given him a significant amount of credit in the team’s recent lean years. He drafted Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr. with lower picks.

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