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Paul, Weiss Partner Steps Up to Help Victims of Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

Jennifer Wu, a partner in Paul, Weiss’ litigation department, specializes in patent and technology litigation. She frequently attempts cases before federal district courts and the International Trade Commission and has particular expertise on biotechnology, sequencing technologies and GPS devices. Jennifer serves as co-chair of the Federal Circuit Bar Association’s Patent Litigation Committee as well as on its Moot Court Competition, Mock Argument and Rules Committees.

Her leadership, pro bono and civic work have been recognized by her peers and the legal community. She is a founding sponsoring partner for the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, an active contributor to amicus briefs before the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of the American Bar Association, and was awarded the firm’s Teaching Award in 2017.

She spearheads the firm’s first pro bono project for Asian Americans, helping parents of special-need children access services from the New York City Department of Education. Additionally, she collaborates with The Innocence Project on eyewitness misidentification, death penalty and Shaken Baby Syndrome cases.

Wee and Wu, both Chinese speakers, have become the go-to lawyers for victims of anti-Asian hate crimes in New York State. They have represented families such as Gui Yi Ma, Yao Pan Ma, Zhiwen Yan and Michelle Go in their pursuit for justice after their loved ones were brutally murdered.

They have been recognized by their clients for their expertise, compassion and dedication to the Asian immigrant community. They embody what AABANY refers to as the “struggle against anti-Asian violence,” which has seen an uptick in recent years.

AABANY expresses its appreciation to Paul, Weiss for their contributions towards combatting anti-Asian violence and wishes them continued success in this endeavor. Wee and Wu express their appreciation for all of the other partners at Paul, Weiss who have played an instrumental role in their endeavors.

Why a Big Law Partner Stepped Up to Help Victims of Asian Hate Crimes

Lawrence Wee, partner at Paul, Weiss who grew up in the middle-class suburbs of Cincinnati, says his experience as pastor at New York Chinese Alliance Church in Chinatown inspired him to help those affected by Asian hate crimes when he became a lawyer.

He has become a champion for Asian victims of violent crimes and their families, appearing regularly on NPR’s This American Life program and being named a “Great Lawyer” by US News & World Report.

Most law partners are content to laze around their country clubs on Sundays or dine at power spots like Le Bernardin or Masa, but Wee and Wu prefer to get involved in the Asian American community. They’re active members of local political circles and support their husbands’ work as community organizers.

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