Jennifer Aniston Ear Piercings

Jennifer Aniston Gets New Ear Piercings

Jennifer Aniston recently made headlines when she revealed a dramatic new haircut – a jaw-skimming bob. Not content to stop there though, former Friends star also got a brand new ear piercing!

Gucci Westman and she both sported cartilage studs that are similar to the ones you can purchase when you’re younger, making this accessory truly daring and distinctive.

Jen is an iconic beauty icon, boasting gorgeous locks and flawless skin. She often entrusts her tresses to celebrity stylist Chris Mcmillan in California for care, and relies on Aveeno products for healthy complexion maintenance.

She regularly undergoes laser therapy for spots and acne scars, while yoga provides a relaxing exercise that can help both her body and mind relax.

Celebrities may occasionally change their hairstyle, but Jennifer Aniston stands out as an innovative style icon by always seeking out the best stylist to do her locks, while advocating a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

Her current engagement is with Wanderlust co-star Justin Theroux and she will soon appear in Peter Bogdanovich’s comedy Squirrels to the Nuts as well as Owen Wilson’s Miss You Already film. Plus she has several projects lined up for next year – so we don’t expect this bob cut will be its final manifestation!

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