Jamie Campbell Bower Signature

Jamie Campbell Bower Signature Look

Jamie Campbell Bower has made a mark in many renowned franchises, but perhaps his most acclaimed role was Vecna on Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things. His elaborate prosthetics and gravelly voice caused fear among viewers around the world – quickly making him one of its most feared antagonists.

Vecna is one of the most formidable villains on ‘Stranger Things, but Bower had to do much work before finding his character’s ideal voice. According to Jimmy Fallon on ‘The Tonight Show’, Bower noted it took him several months before finding an authentic Vecna vocal performance with its distinctive dark and frightening tones.

On ‘The Tonight Show,’ Bower read the lyrics to Lizzo’s “About Damn Time” with his powerful Vecna voice and sang some of Vecna’s iconic movie lines – such as Rose asking Leonardo DiCaprio to draw her like one of his French girls from Titanic.

He wore the timeless Burberry plaid shirt, still popular among high-end British designer brands today and a timeless British look since its legalisation in Scotland in 18th century.

Fabric used as the lining for trench coats has recently made a comeback after Princess Diana popularized it again.

Jamie Campbell Bower makes it a point to wear his signature hat as an essential component of his artsy off-duty look. The actor favors retro styles crafted of felt, wool and denim in snapback or pork pie forms; their crowning touch adds the perfect finishing touch.

Bower enjoys wearing camel coats and trenches in emerald green that exude Scandinavian simplicity, fitting well with his minimalist approach to wardrobe pieces. A Burberry mac in camel and Acne Studios hooded sweaters are essential.


Bower, known for her rebellious streak and his love of slim and short cut tees in James Dean-inspired shades, favors slim- and short-cut t-shirts in slim cuts with short hemlines in James Dean-like colors. For something less obvious but equally as chic try Allsaints Organic cotton T-Shirts as an understated alternative.


Bower has a deep collection of Dr Martens in his wardrobe; for an alternative take on classic footwear, consider Alexander McQueen leather boots or derbies with great-cut leather uppers as a more subdued option.

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