Iyanla Vanzant Weight Loss

Iyanla Vanzant Weight Loss Secrets – Part 2

As a spiritual life coach, Iyanla Vanzant is renowned for her ability to penetrate the veil and help people reveal secrets, discover truths and ultimately repair what’s broken. She hosts the reality series Iyanla: Fix My Life on OWN network that provides women with tools to tackle life’s toughest issues.

On a recent episode of her show, Iyanla helped a woman named Bonnie who hadn’t left her home in seven years and was at risk for diabetes and heart disease due to an increase in weight. Her daughter Jamesha became so worried about her mother’s wellbeing that she asked Iyanla to come into her life and provide support while dealing with these challenges.

Iyanla provided Bonnie with a special diet she had never tried before, which resulted in her mother losing over 100 pounds. By helping her take control of her health and get back on track in life, Iyanla enabled Bonnie to take control of her destiny.

A woman suffering from mental illness and low self-esteem seeks Iyanla’s help in order to overcome her demons and find hope for a brighter future. She desires to make positive changes in her life, yet her illness has made it difficult for her to make decisions and lose faith in herself.

She is driven to make a difference in her community and hopes that her plan for healing will inspire others. She shares her journey on social media and at Essence Festival to inspire women to overcome their past mistakes, start over, and embrace the life that lies ahead of them.

After divorcing and losing her home to foreclosure, Iyanla takes time to reflect on her past, what she’s discovered about herself, and the lessons she has taken along the way. She shares how she is picking up the pieces and starting over again with family relationships in mind and her faith in God as she attempts to rebuild from these experiences.

In the second installment of her mega-fix series, Iyanla meets Jay, a video producer who fathered 34 children with 17 different women. As they try to reconcile, Jay sends mixed messages to his children’s mothers.

He’s having an affair with a married woman who says she is pregnant, putting his own children at risk due to his actions. Iyanla encourages him to own up to his mistakes and calls on all the women in his life to come together in love and support him.

The show then moves to Atlanta, Georgia to assist a family of 14 living under one roof. This is the story of how substance abuse has torn apart their generational history and brought them together as one.

A mother who has lived in a trailer for over two years is determined to break the cycle of abuse against her by her husband. She hopes Iyanla can help her get back on her feet and foster an entirely new relationship with both her husband and son.

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