Is Rick Ness Still Gold Mining

Is Rick Ness Still Gold Mining?

Fans of Gold Rush have been wondering what is happening with Rick Ness, the miner and star of Discovery’s popular reality series, for some time now. In recent episodes, he hasn’t been seen on any episodes since the start of this season and his crew have been left wondering what is going on with him.

Rick’s Personal Life

When Rick Ness joined Parker Schnabel’s gold mining team in 2012, he had no prior experience. But through hard work and determination, he quickly rose to become an important member of the team – thanks to his positive attitude toward work – which is essential for success in mining industry.

While working for Parker, Ness formed an intimate bond with the star miner that made him one of the show’s fan favorites. He even got cast in a spinoff series called “Parker’s Trail,” which takes Schnabel and his go-to team to exotic locales where they can mine gold.

He also tours with his music band, 357 String Band, which formed in 2004 and has recorded three albums to date. They perform around the world and have gained a reputation for their captivating songs and talented singers.

In 2017, Ness got engaged to his girlfriend Leese Marie. A Facebook post she shared revealed he proposed on her 45th birthday. They are now living together and have a daughter from their previous relationship.

Rick is an American musician and gold miner best known for his appearances on Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush. With a net worth of $4 million, Rick is also an acclaimed artist.

Prior to becoming a gold miner, Rick was an ambitious footballer with aspirations of playing professionally. But his knee injury during college football put an end to those aspirations, leading him to pursue music instead and eventually finding success as both an artist and gold miner.

His friendly and witty demeanor have won him the affection of many Gold Rush viewers, earning him a spot on the spinoff series Parker’s Trail.

Ness and Parker Schnabel have returned for another season of Discovery’s top-rated and most-watched show, “Prison Break”. In this new season, Ness joins forces with Parker Schnabel once more for an all-new journey.

What does this mean for the future of the show?

This season, the team will be focusing on an exciting new venture: mining in Alaska’s Upper Duncan Cut. Here they plan on prospecting and setting claims.

As the team gears up for this venture, Ness will need to travel extensively. He has already disclosed to his crew that he has suffered from depression and has sought mental assistance.

He hasn’t been feeling his best and doesn’t look forward to returning to the mines. In fact, he told his crew that he “crashed hard” after returning from last mining season and hasn’t felt up for the task at hand.

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