Is Kelly Clarkson Vaccinated

Is Kelly Clarkson Vaccinated Against COVID-19?

Kelly Clarkson and her former husband Brandon Blackstock have recently finalized their divorce agreement, providing Blackstock with a one-time tax-exempt payment of $1,326,161 as well as $45,601 per month in child support for their two children. It’s important to note that the deal also stipulates that both children must receive vaccinations against COVID-19.

River Rose and Remington Alexander, children of Clarkson and Blackstock, live with Clarkson in California while Blackstock works on his ranch in Montana full-time. As such, the kids must travel back and forth between California and Montana to visit their father. In order to cover private air travel until they receive their COVID-19 vaccinations, Clarkson will make a “reimbursement” of $50,000 for private air travel until they can fly first class when fully vaccinated.

This stipulation is an excellent illustration of how COVID-19 is making its way into family law courts nationwide. Reaching a resolution on this issue can be challenging when both parties have differing perspectives about child protection. Working with an experienced Texas Family Law expert attorney when discussing vaccines in divorce can be beneficial.

THR reports the agreement also includes a requirement that Blackstock must receive a vaccine in order for Clarkson to maintain primary custody of the couple’s children – an issue which was a major disagreement during their divorce proceedings. It was argued this would psychologically damage their children.

Another major requirement in the divorce agreement is that Clarkson must ensure her children’s standard of living while they reside with her. In other words, she must provide them with the same home she would provide them if she were married to Blackstock and had significantly more income than him.

It’s interesting to note that Blackstock’s company isn’t paying him a salary, so Clarkson must foot the bill for their children’s college tuition. While it remains uncertain how she will do this, it remains an option.

The COVID-19 vaccine has become a contentious issue for many parents, particularly divorcing couples who share joint custody and are concerned for their children’s safety.

Immunizing children against COVID-19 is important, as it helps shield them from becoming infected with the disease. While not 100% effective, vaccination has proven highly successful at reducing infections and complications related to this pandemic. Scientists predict that despite its ups and downs, COVID will continue to have significant impacts on families for years into the future.

As such, this case serves as a prime illustration of how family law has evolved, leaving many parents facing complex questions. To get an accurate assessment on whether both parties can agree on this matter in divorce, consult with an experienced and Board-Certified Texas Family Law expert attorney.

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