Is Garage Squad Still In Production 2022

Is Garage Squad Still in Production 2022?

Garage Squad, an immensely popular car-makeover show on Velocity Network, showcases talented mechanics’ abilities by remodeling faulty cars into working condition for their owners. Not only has Garage Squad become a ratings draw but it has also provided talented mechanics an outlet to showcase their talents; Heather Storm was previously co-host but recently left in order to pursue other endeavors.

According to the company statement, she decided to depart for new opportunities. Cristy Lee was chosen as her replacement; she is known as an avid car enthusiast with years of experience providing in-depth “how-to” automotive knowledge which should only enhance Garage Squad format.

Lee brings more than automotive expertise to her TV hosting and production work; she has appeared on All Girls Garage and All Girl Fast Cars from NHRA-affiliated series All Girl Fast Cars respectively. Additionally, she is well-known YouTuber with several channels dedicated to automotive content.

Garage Squad crew members are prepared to tackle any challenge posed by classic muscle cars or modern hotrods, from making their roadworthy again due to lack of time, resources or expertise for weekend mechanics to taking over their “project” autos as roadworthy again and giving their owners something they can be proud to show off to friends and family. In turn, these experienced automotive specialists provide them with rides they’ll be proud to own in no time at all!

This show debuted in 2014 and has received positive reactions from viewers since. It features both celebrities such as Ron Gregurich, Cy Kellogg, and Joe Zolper as well as regular people seeking assistance with their vehicle needs.

While the show has been an enormous success, it has drawn some harsh criticism. One major issue with it is its insistence on featuring cars not suitable for average consumers; often featuring exotic or vintage models which may not be affordable to viewers.

Even after facing such harsh criticisms, Garage Squad remains running on the Velocity Network and remains popular with viewers. No plans exist to cancel it anytime soon – although management has not confirmed this at present – though it seems likely it will continue for an extended period.

Fans can still enjoy Garage Squad and learn from its expert hosts how to fix their vehicles themselves. In the meantime, its website offers a free submission form so anyone who would like their car featured can submit it and be featured on an episode.

Fans eager to watch Garage Squad should keep tabs on Velocity website for updates on a new season of this television program rated TV-PG, meaning it may contain suggestive dialogue and infrequent coarse language – something parents should keep an eye out for when viewing with children. Garage Squad can be found on Velocity app, YouTube and DVD and fans can find more information by visiting its official website and IMDb page; or watch trailers of forthcoming seasons of Garage Squad via YouTube.

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