Is Brooke Shields Trans

Is Brooke Shields Trans?

Brooke Shields was raised with the expectation of playing a provocative role on the red carpet and dancing the night away at Studio 54. Though it was an unconventional way to pay the bills, Brooke recalls it fondly; though she has since made amends by calling out predatory Hollywood hucksters like Steven Spielberg for their deceptive ways.

Many will remember her from the 1980s, when she was one of fashion’s most recognizable faces. Recently, she has returned to modeling for Calvin Klein and been featured in various social-life magazines with her full lips and furrowed brows.

She is best known for her role as Emmeline Pankhurst in A Castle for Christmas, a Netflix film which follows an accomplished author as she journeys to Scotland to purchase a castle and falls for its charming owner. This latest work pays homage to 1980s cinema with its thrilling romance and star-studded cast including Cary Elwes.

This movie is an absolute comforting watch, and it’s hard not to appreciate Ms. Shields for portraying a middle-aged woman – something rare in movies.

In an interview with PEOPLE earlier this year, she debunked the myth that women lose their sexiness as they age. Instead, she’s finding confidence and embracing sexiness at any age. Additionally, she’s launched her own lifestyle brand called Beginning Is Now which caters to women over 40.

She is an incredibly accomplished woman, despite her age, with a long list of starring roles in movies and television shows as well as some notable book-writing credits. Furthermore, she’s an entrepreneur, podcast host, motivational speaker and lifestyle blogger.

Brooke Shields, who has been a star for two decades, is ready to take her career to the next level. She recently signed on as lead in The CW pilot where she will portray an ex-supermodel turned cosmetics CEO. This casting marks Brooke Shields’ latest project; previously appearing on Jane the Virgin and Law & Order: SVU, as well as numerous other television series.

She is also a writer and producer, having released several books about her experiences as both mother and businesswoman. Additionally, she’s co-creating an upcoming TV series based on her memoir What Makes a Family.

She experienced many ups and downs throughout her life as she grew older, including difficulties in her marriage, but has been fortunate to have the support of her two daughters, Rowan and Grier, through it all.

But she also battled her own mental health. She has a past history of alcoholism and depression, as well as being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Despite multiple attempts at recovery from these issues, she is now on the path towards healing.

When she’s not busy starring in her own show or working on her memoir, she spends time crafting and promoting Beginning Is Now, a self-care platform. Additionally, she strongly advocates for the LGBTQ community and has come out publicly as lesbian.

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