Images Of Nick Lachey

Images of Nick Lachey Vacationing With His Family

Nicholas Scott Lachey is best known for his work with boy band 98 Degrees. This multi-platinum pop group sold over 10 million albums and reached the top of the charts during the 1990s. After marrying Jessica Simpson in 2002, Nick embarked on a solo career.

Nick Lachey is an international pop star whose boy band 98 Degrees achieved success despite their sports medicine degree. In the ’90s, boy bands like *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys revolutionized pop music for modern times – and Nick Lachey followed suit.

Born in Harlan, Kentucky, Lachey moved to Cincinnati, Ohio as a teenager and attended the School for Creative and Performing Arts with his younger brother Drew. There they honed their vocal talents until signing with Jive Records – becoming overnight sensations.

In addition to his music career, he’s a TV host and co-host of the 2020 Netflix reality dating series Love Is Blind with his wife Vanessa Lachey.

He has earned a place of honor as the proud father to three children with his wife Vanessa Lachey: Camden John, 9, Brooklyn Elisabeth, 7, and Phoenix Robert (age 5).

When not hosting his reality dating show or recording new songs, Lachey loves spending time with his kids. Recently he shared photos of them having fun in Hawaii while on vacation.

The 49-year-old Love Is Blind co-host appears to be having an enjoyable vacation with his sons. He shared several pictures of them riding horseback and surfing in the ocean.

His wife Vanessa also features in some of the images. She donned a cute Hawaiian shirt and captioned one shot: “Sunday Supper, Island Style!”

He took a picture of his daughter Brookyln wearing her favorite red floral dress and shared a kiss with her before she went off to dance.

Nick Lachey recently kept it real with his kids by showing them some photos from his 90’s pop days – and they loved it! In fact, one image was from a party where Nick was dressed in just his bikini!

Nick is an extraordinary dad who enjoys taking his children out on adventures and allowing them to discover the world as they grow older. He shares photos of his daughter Brooklyn and sons Camden John (9), and Phoenix Robert (6), on Instagram.

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