How Tall Was Carolyn Bessette

How Tall Was Carolyn Bessette?

How Tall Was Carolyn Bessette?

Carolyn Bessette, the socialite, was born on January 7, 1966 in White Plains, New York to two older sisters of Italian American heritage. She attended Juniper Hill Elementary School and Greenwich High School before graduating with a degree in education from Boston University in 1988.

She began her career in public relations for a nightclub company, then transitioned to high-end American fashion label Calvin Klein Ltd. At first she worked as a saleswoman at their Boston area store before being transferred to their New York showroom where she served as VIP assistant to star clients such as Annette Bening and Diane Sawyer.

Her impeccable wardrobe and effortless cool style made her a global style icon in the ’90s. She was particularly admired for her minimalist aesthetic and love of classic shoes, especially Manolo Blahnik’s slingback pumps. Additionally, she donned Prada’s famous ‘Carolyn’ bag – which has recently been reissued this year.

She had an affair with model Michael Bergin during her tenure at Calvin Klein, which ended when the couple divorced in 2001. She has often been mentioned in books and memoirs such as ‘The Kennedy Curse: Why Tragedy Has Haunted America’s First Family for 150 Years’ (2001) and ‘The Other Man: John F. Kennedy Jr., Carolyn Bessette, and Me’ (2004).

In 1996, Bessette-Kennedy married John F. Kennedy Jr. after they met while running in Central Park the summer before. Their nuptials took place the following summer at a century-old flower-strewn chapel on an island off Georgia’s coast; paparazzi snapped pictures of Bessette-Kennedy wearing a white slip dress designed by Narciso Rodriguez for the occasion.

Although she initially caught the attention of paparazzi photographers, she quickly earned a place in the media following her marriage to Kennedy. She was photographed at public events both together and separately, often accompanying him on dinners at the White House (they were even given a tour by President Bill Clinton in March 1998) as well as hosting parties for his political magazine George.

Bessette-Kennedy struggled to balance her personal and professional lives due to the attention that came her way. She reported being subjected to constant paparazzi harassment, leading her to feel stressed out by all the cameras in her face.

She became increasingly frustrated with the amount of attention she received from the press, leading to the end of her relationship with Kennedy Jr. She had always maintained a private life away from public view, but this became more challenging as she started falling in love with someone younger who also had considerable fame.

In addition to her career in fashion, she was an entrepreneur and publicist for Calvin Klein Ltd. At her peak, her annual income reached $10 million; furthermore, her net worth reached a whopping $108 million before her passing in 1999.

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