How Old Is Faye From Rock Squad

How Old Is Faye From Rock Squad?

Faye Knightly from Rock Squad?

Faye Knightly is an American social media star and member of the popular Rock Squad collective. Her content on Instagram, where she posts dance, lifestyle, and fashion modeling content has amassed a large following; additionally she has her own YouTube channel where she uploads videos of her tumbling and workout routines.

Her earliest Instagram photo features a red hat and pair of white sneakers. She has been posting since 2020 on the platform, now boasting an audience of over 30,000 followers.

As of 2023, she has a net worth between $100K and $1Million, mostly earned through sponsored posts, brand endorsements, and social media campaigns. Her parents manage her accounts and help her secure sponsorships.

As of 2023, Faye Knightly is 9 years old and stands at approximately 4 feet 1 inch. Her long, shiny light brown hair complements her stunning fiery Hazel eyes perfectly.

In 2021, she took part in a “Rock Your Hair” week event and played a baby in the video “We Started A Family Channel and This Happened!” She has collaborated with fellow online content creators Salish Matter, Elliana Walmsley, and Gabi Palooza as well as featuring her mother and brother in her content.

This article covers Faye Knightly’s age, birthday, family details, affairs, controversy, caste, height, weight, boyfriend and relationship with Pierson in detail. Additionally, it includes some lesser-known facts about her.

Faye Knightly, born on May 6, 2013 in Clinton, Maryland, United States, is a renowned social media star with an Instagram following of over 30,000. Her posts often include fun dance and lifestyle photos for her followers to enjoy.

As part of the ROCK SQUAD family, she shares dance and lifestyle content for her followers. Her content is highly engaging, and she engages with her audience through comments and likes.

She has collaborated with various YouTubers and online content creators, such as Salish Matter, Elliana Walmsley, Gabi Palooza, and Brooke Butler. She has acted in several music videos and even co-created cover songs with Butler!

Faye is the youngest member of the Rock Squad family and her age is estimated to be 9 years old as of 2023. She is a mixed race girl whose father serves in the Navy.

She enjoys dancing and playing with her cat, Pierson. She has an Instagram account and is represented by Rock Digital Talent.

She splits her time between the United States and South Korea. With an expansive social media following, she frequently appears in advertisements and sponsored posts.

Her mother is a nurse and her father serves in the US Navy. She has an older sister and younger brother.

She’s renowned for her upbeat content and infectious personality. A member of the ‘ROCK SQUAD’ family, she’s been making videos on her YouTube channel since October 2015. Her combination of youthful enthusiasm and captivating content has allowed her to amass an enormous fan base with millions of viewers around the world.

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