How Much Does Mitch Make On Gold Rush

Who Is Mitch Blaschke and How Much Does He Make on Gold Rush?

Mitch Blaschke has been featured on Gold Rush for multiple seasons as an expert mechanic who specializes in servicing technologically advanced wash plants used for modern gold mining. Additionally, he operates his own equipment sales business as well as enjoying motorsports such as dirt biking and an avid interest in motorsports such as dirt bike racing. Mitch is also married and the proud parent of an adorable daughter born this October; regularly posting pictures of her to his social media accounts.

His journey began on December 4th 1989 in Eagle Creek Oregon where he attended Sam Barlow High School. Since the age of 14, he has been working as a mechanic at various local repair shops to earn money for his kart racing hobby – something which led him to continue doing ever since. Additionally, he loves anything with motor such as quads, motorbikes or snowmobiles!

Gold Rush fans may recognize him from Season 3, where he joined Todd Hoffman’s crew. For Season 4 and 5, however, Parker Schnabel invited him onto his crew – and ever since then he has become an invaluable member.

Mitch is not only known for his work on the show but possesses an expansive knowledge of heavy equipment as he owns his own equipment sales company in Oregon and serves as a mechanic on Parker Schnabel’s team; with a hands-on approach and excellent mechanical expertise he makes him a valuable member of their crew.

On average, Gold Rush members make between $10,000 to $25,000 in earnings per episode, not including any income from mining gold for themselves. This makes Gold Rush one of the most watched reality TV series on Discovery Channel.

Mitch Blaschke and Hailey have been married since 2016, and welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world this October. Mitch takes immense pride in his small family, posting regular pictures to social media of them together as a loving father who treats Hailey like she deserves it all.

Mitch enjoys riding dirt bikes, quads and snowmobiles in his free time as well as spending quality time with his family in Sandy town located near Portland in Oregon state. Mitch’s wife Hailey resides there while they both share an interest in cars – he even won a car show! His net worth has been estimated to be somewhere around $200,000 thanks to his success as an auto mechanic on Gold Rush; as long as that series continues its run it should continue increasing too. Additionally, Mitch strives for excellence while being positive influences upon others’ lives while always striving towards excellence – qualities which set him apart as an individual in life while acting as an inspiration.

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