How Many Jellybeans Can Fit In A Car

How Many Jellybeans Can Fit in a Car?

Because jellybeans are lightweight, it is easy for people to imagine how many jellybeans can fit in a car. There are actually fewer jellybeans inside a car than you might think. However, it is impossible to determine how many jellybeans are in a car without measuring it.

One kilogram of jellybeans has the volume of about 3.3 cubic centimeters, making them a good comparison for this question. Even with this comparison, the actual jellybean jar size is larger than a few jellybeans. A single jellybean is approximately two centimetres long by 0.75 centimeters in radius, which is approximately the same as the volume of a liter bottle. A jellybean jar can hold approximately ninety-six jellybeans, regardless of its size.

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