Houston Car Meets

Houston Car Meets

Houston car meet are not always safe. Two people were killed last week when a young man’s car crashed into a crowd. The accident happened in northwest Houston. The Camaro driver was trying to fly by, but he hit another car and crashed into the crowd. The crash was caught on camera.

There are many Houston car clubs that are doing their bit. One such event is the Twin Peaks Sunday Funday Meet. This meet takes place in the Twin Peaks restaurant’s lot. HPD staff will meet you at the Twin Peaks restaurant’s parking lot and show you where to park.

Some car meet groups have made efforts to seperate themselves from “car takeovers,” which involve car stunts. This practice has grown in popularity and has attracted the scrutiny of local law enforcement. More conservative groups are trying to distance themselves from that image to prevent any negative publicity. However, one of the most popular car takeovers occurred in Houston in August 2019. Many drivers took control of the intersection of Sage and Westheimer. Some of the drivers performed burnouts and lit fireworks.

There are also some classic car shows in Houston. Houston Hot Rod and Muscle Car Club hosts large events for hot rod fans. The club also provides information about restoration and maintenance. Guitars N Cars is another great event for classic car lovers. Music, food, and games are all a part of this event. You can also support the United States Veterans by attending.

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