His And Hers Jeeps

Accessories For His and Hers Jeeps

Jeeps are more than just vehicles for fun; they’re a way of life. It gives you the freedom to embark on adventures many of us can only dream about.

Next time you pass a Jeep on the highway, don’t be shy to wave! Most Jeep owners appreciate it and it’s an effective way to let another owner know you are nearby.

Some Jeepers will extend their entire hand to the windshield while others just give a slight nod. No matter your style, a wave is always welcome and sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.

If you don’t feel confident waving your Jeep flag, there are still several other ways to show your Jeep pride: Her Jeep badge, custom embroidered hers or him shirt and even a hers or him hoodie. All are made with high-quality fabrics in an array of colors.

A quality traction mat for the front and rear of your vehicle is a must-have if you plan on going off-roading often. Whether you opt for spray-on options like Line-X, drop in floor mats like Weathertech or Husky, traction mats will protect your tires from rocks, dirt and other things that could tear them apart.

You’ll be amazed at the amount of scratches a good traction mat can protect you against. Plus, keeping cool and comfortable in summer while off-roading are two additional benefits you’ll enjoy with one.

Your Jeep is subject to a lot of abuse, so having a quality mat in place is essential for both your safety and that of any passengers. A traction mat helps reduce the chance of wheels scraping on rocks or sand while protecting the interior from scratches, dents and dings.

Enhancing the comfort and enjoyment of your Jeep by adding additional accessories can make it a much more pleasurable ride. A cooler and an assortment of tools in your rig can mean the difference between having an exciting day on the trails and having to return due to a broken down vehicle or tire.

For a budget-conscious option, some people use cooler bags with mesh dividers to make the space more comfortable. On the other hand, if you want something more upscale there are plenty of cargo nets that look and work great – available from vendors online such as Smittybilt, Rhino, ARB and Rugged Ridge to name a few.

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