Hillary Duff Wardrobe Malfunction

Hilary Duff Wardrobe Mover

Hilary Duff has quickly earned the title of one of the biggest teen stars. After staring in Disney Channel’s Lizzie McGuire, her music went multiplatinum, she toured around the world, and now she’s writing her first book.

In an interview, Duff shared how she became more comfortable with her body after the birth of her second child. According to Women’s Health magazine, Duff “became proud of myself.”

Duff has two children: son Luca with ex-husband Mike Comrie and daughter Banks with husband Matthew Koma. Recently, the actress launched her own line of mummy-and-me clothing with Smash + Tess; additionally, she expects to welcome a baby boy soon.

Duff has a distinguished career as an actor, having portrayed numerous characters. She began her career in commercials before landing the role of Lizzie McGuire on Disney Channel; more recently, she stars in TV Land’s new series Younger.

The show follows Kelsey Peters (Hilary Duff), a publishing executive struggling to find her place in life while juggling both work and home responsibilities. Her best friend Liza (Sutton Foster) is her boss’ daughter, and they have plenty of issues to work out between them.

Duff and Foster live in Los Angeles with their two kids when not working on projects. Though not your typical Hollywood family, the trio shares plenty of love between them.

After dating personal trainer Ely Sandvik for a short period, Duff returned to dating in 2017. Although her relationship didn’t last long, they did share some affectionate pictures on social media platforms.

She even shared some adorable moments with him during a ski trip, but the PDA photos soon faded away after several weeks.

Duff has also ventured into the world of film with films like Special Agent Cody Banks and A Cinderella Story. Additionally, she’s a writer who will release her debut novel this fall.

Her latest project, Cool, will begin shooting next month and features Winona Ryder, Chevy Chase and Jon Cryer as co-stars.

Duff’s career has been a roller coaster ride, but she is finally at a place in life where she feels confident with the decisions she makes. In Women’s Health magazine’s latest issue, Duff states that she’s ‘proud’ of her body and at peace within herself.

The ‘Lizzie McGuire’ actress, who is expecting her third child with husband Matthew Koma, has always taken great care in maintaining her body and fitness. She works out at least three times a week and runs her own gym as well.

Duff has always been outspoken about her weight, but after the second pregnancy and after carrying Luca to full term, she says she feels more confident about herself.

She noted her body’s natural shape as something to embrace and dress well. ‘It was important for me to feel in control of my appearance and be contented with how I looked,” she said.

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