Hart Theater Company Utah

HART Theatre Company

HART, located in Hillsboro’s center, is the area’s premier community theatre. For years they have produced drama, comedy, romance and musicals using top local talent both onstage and behind the scenes.

HART Theatre, now in its 25th year of operation, has been a pioneer and innovator of the arts in this region. It is funded through donations and sponsorships; without patron support, its success would not be possible.

Help us keep Shelton Studios open by purchasing a Season Pass or Special Membership now! These funds guarantee quality shows, provide professional actors and technical staff, pay our rent and utilities, and keep the doors open at Shelton.

Your support enables us to take risks, build and expand. Additionally, it makes it possible for us to pay off debt.

Hart’s mission is to enhance the lives of people living in surrounding communities through performing arts. They strive to bring top-notch theatre, music and dance performances, workshops, seminars and educational classes to their audience.

They take great pride in being part of their community and strive to make a positive impact by volunteering their time and talent. Over the years, they have donated hundreds of hours to local events, which has significantly enhanced quality of life in the area.

They have formed partnerships with numerous community organizations and businesses to provide their members with more opportunities. Furthermore, they organized supply drives and outdoor clean ups for those in need.

Many of their productions use video projections on their set to create various effects and enhance viewers’ experiences of the show, especially those who may not have seen it before.

Some recent HART shows to feature this technology include Say Goodnight, Gracie and Little Women, the Musical. These shows have proved immensely popular and provide audiences with an opportunity to witness a range of talented performers in action.

The cast is diverse and features a significant number of young actors. Each member is highly talented and dedicated to their craft.

They are thrilled at the prospect of performing in such an amazing production. After working together for many years, they hope to have a long and prosperous career in theater.

Paul is an experienced professional actor and director. He has performed in a range of theatre venues around the United States, Canada, and Europe, working in different styles of play. Additionally, Paul holds memberships in both AEA and SAG/AFTRA.

He has taught acting, movement and directing at numerous colleges. An avid theater enthusiast with a passion for performing arts, he also loves being outdoors and skiing.

Braden has performed in numerous musical productions throughout Utah with NEXT Ensemble and Opera Contempo, having the opportunity to work with some prestigious companies and directors.

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