Harry Styles Andy Cohen

Harry Styles and Andy Cohen

Harry Styles and Andy Cohen are two of the world’s most beloved celebrities, yet they are very different people. One has made his mark as an out gay man in entertainment while the other has become one of television’s most respected and beloved hosts.

Andy is an outspoken supporter of gay rights, recently wearing a rainbow shirt while performing at a teen charity event in 2022. However, Andy may have struggled with his identity at an earlier age – recently revealing that he wasn’t sure of his gender when he was 12 or 13 years old.

Andy is open about his sexuality and is one of Hollywood’s leading producers. That explains why he felt comfortable sharing his own story about coming out to fellow host Anderson Cooper and producer Kelly Ripa during CNN’s New Year’s Eve broadcast.

Andy was a hit with the audience, and they were all in attendance to witness his star-making moment at the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. Andy looked dapper in a navy blue suit, crisp white shirt, black tie and black shoes while kneeling next to his son Benjamin Allen who donned a red and blue flannel outfit and navy blue puffer vest.

One Direction star Harry Styles has been dating actress Olivia Wilde for over a year, and it appears they’re still going strong. According to Page Six, they are “long distance” lovers and even showed affection at a wedding for Styles’ manager.

Since then, they’ve continued to spend time together in public. Last month, they were seen at a concert in San Diego and have also been seen holding hands at restaurants in Los Angeles.

Fans still hope for the couple to reunite. They’ve been seen hanging out with friends, including Lizzo, showing that they haven’t forgotten about their love for one another.

Recently, it was reported that a mystery man and singer were photographed leaving Craig’s restaurant in West Hollywood on Valentine’s Day. Some paparazzi photos have since surfaced online showing how much the two appear to still be in love, though we can’t quite identify who it is!

Rumors of Liam Payne speaking with an unusual accent have caused quite a stir in the music industry. After people started noticing how similar his voice appeared on social media platforms, people started to speculate as to who it could be.

Fans were quick to connect the accent change to a video posted on Instagram by Styles’ sister Madison. In the clip, she is seen engaging with her boyfriend and as soon as she starts speaking to him, his voice alters abruptly.

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