Harmony Care Bear

Harmony Bear

Harmony is the lead vocalist for the Care Bear Honeys and the owner of the Sweetheart Candy Parlor. She is also the main character in the 2012 cartoon series Care Bears, Welcome to Care-a-Lot. Harmony has her own stage at the Isle of Music where she gives concerts.

Harmony Bear is a peace-loving bear that loves music and tries to bring people closer together. Her symbol is three hearts merging into one. This is to represent harmony, which is the result of different people coming together. Harmony Bear’s belly badge can be decorated with different colors. This is the main difference between Harmony Bear & Heartsong Bear.

Harmony is one of the few Care Bears left in the series. She was introduced to the series in 2002’s relaunch. She has a multicolored flower on her head, and she has a talent for singing. Harmony lost her voice in the episode “Show of Shyness” and lost her song. Pheobe helped Harmony regain her voice. She is not a victim to the Feeling Flu and must help the other bears to find an antidote.

Harmony Bear also loves music. She loves to be in the spotlight, and she likes to make music. To share the spotlight with her Care Bears, she has a flower design on tummy. Harmony is also a fan of dancing and she wants to be part of the fun.

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