Halloween Pumpkin Black Background

Halloween Pumpkin Black Background – The Colors of Halloween and Autism Awareness

Halloween pumpkins on black backgrounds are a beloved holiday symbol that’s used to adorn homes and businesses during the autumn season. Additionally, it can be an effective way to demonstrate your support for various causes and organizations.

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Orange and Black: Halloween’s Signature Colors

While you may be well-aware of the iconic colors used for decoration on Halloween – pumpkins, ghosts, witches, bats and jack-o’-lanterns – their origins may not be immediately obvious. But fear not – there is an important symbolism behind these two hues that you can use when designing decorations next year.

House Beautiful notes that orange symbolizes the warmth of autumn and the end of harvest season, while black connotes winter’s cold and dark months. This association makes sense since Samhain, the Celtic holiday that inspired Halloween, was celebrated between the fall equinox and winter solstice.

Another fascinating connection between these colors is their association with death and the spiritual world. During Samhain, it’s believed that spirits would enter our realm for a brief period, which explains why you often see skeletons in Halloween decorations.

Blue: Autism Awareness

Most of us are familiar with Halloween symbols like candy corns and jack-o’-lanterns, but you may not be as aware of all the other types of images associated with this special holiday. There are symbols representing The Season, Harvest, Death & Mortality as well as Misfortune or Evil that surround this special celebration.

This year, many are showing their support for autism awareness by wearing blue. The Blue Bucket Campaign was initiated by Autism Speaks to foster understanding and acceptance among those on the spectrum. For many individuals living with an autism diagnosis, communication can be a challenge which makes everyday tasks more challenging.

Some homes will display a blue pumpkin to raise awareness about autism. This is an especially pertinent issue, since children on the spectrum often go trick-or-treating alone and may not be able to communicate effectively with their parents and other adults in their community.

Purple: Epilepsy

If you spot a purple pumpkin at a home on Halloween, it could be indicative of someone suffering from epilepsy and seeking ways to manage their condition. In America alone, over 3 million people suffer from this illness which is serious enough to cause life-threatening seizures if left untreated.

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