Guy And Ralna Divorce Cause

Guy and Ralna – What Did Their Divorce Cause?

Guy and Ralna divorced in 1984 after 15 years as the popular singing duo Guy & Ralna. Though no longer married, they remain close and frequently sing concerts together. Born in Haskell, Texas and beginning her professional singing career at 16, Ralna made the leap from Haskell to Lawrence Welk Show where she and Hovis became hit as husband-and-wife duo Guy & Ralna.

At their time on the show, Ralna and Hovis became well-known across the nation and enjoyed immense popularity. Yet despite this success, neither found lasting fulfillment in their personal lives; Ralna revealed in a 2005 interview that their marriage had been troubled throughout their time together; she blamed poor communication as being at the core of its unraveling; this had left her unable to express herself effectively; adding this was one of her biggest mistakes ever.

After her separation, Ralna took time away from music to focus on her family life. Since remarrying and becoming the mother of one daughter Julie (an elementary school teacher herself), she also performs with Ralna at concerts venues.

Ralna was born June 19, 1942 and currently stands 79 years old. She boasts long blonde hair and blue eyes, standing at 5’6” with an average bodyweight of 115 pounds. Ralna is best known for her smooth vocals ranging from country, big band, pop and other genres – she has many hits under her belt and multiple awards to prove it!

Ralna made her television debut as Joann Castle on an episode of Lost. As Joann, Ralna delivered an outstanding rendition of “I’ll Never Be Afraid” at Castle’s funeral service. Additionally, Ralna has appeared in many other programs such as ABC sitcom The Partridge Family and NBC’s The West Wing.

On a more serious note, she stood beside Welk Show performers Bob Ralston and Jo Ann Castle while they passed away from drug overdoses at home.

Ralna is an accomplished musician as well as an actress and voice-over talent, appearing in several television series and movies while advocating for breast cancer research. She has amassed an immense following online that continues to find inspiration in her.

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