Guru Randhawa Net Worth

Guru Randhawa Net Worth

Almost everyone has heard about the famous actor Guru Randhawa. He is an Indian film actor, a singer, and a musician. His movies and songs have made him a star and he has also earned a good net worth. He is considered to be one of the highest paid Indian movie stars.


Amongst the most popular singers of India, Guru Randhawa has gained a huge fan following across the world. He has released sixty-plus songs since he started his career. He has also produced music. In addition to his professional singing career, he has also worked in Bollywood movies. He will be playing the lead role in a Hindi motion picture in the near future.

He started his career in music by performing at events and stage shows. After that, he began writing songs. In 2012, he released his debut single ‘Same Girl’. It became his first hit on the music circuit. He also released the track ‘Patola’ in 2015.

Guru Randhawa is a member of the Jatt Sikh family. He was born on August 30, 1991, in the village of Noorpur, Gurdaspur, Punjab, India. He is the grandson of S. Harbhajan Singh Randhawa. He is also the brother of Ramneek Randhawa. In 2017, he was featured in T-Series’s Mix Tape with Kanika Kapoor. In addition, he appeared in Pitbull’s music video for “Mueve La Cintura.”

Guru Randhawa has been involved with many Bollywood movies. He has also made his production debut with Rajiev Dhingra’s Punjabi-language movie Tara Mira.

Songs released

Known as one of the most popular singers in the world, Guru Randhawa has earned a lot of money from his singing career. He is a Punjabi singer who has worked in Bollywood films. His songs are very popular and the songs have been able to reach the top of various charts. He is a singer, lyricist, and music composer. He has earned money from his music albums and live concerts.

Guru has launched many songs including “Tu Meri Rani” and “Yaar Mod Do” in 2016. He has also collaborated with British artist Jay Sean and rapper Haji Springer. He has also released mashups of his songs. He has appeared on magazine covers such as Man’s World and Times Fashion Week.

Guru Randhawa has been very passionate about animals. He has also been in love with women. He has also been a Brand Ambassador for many brands. He has also been involved in several charity events. He has also participated in the INK Cricket Blast in 2017.

Guru has been very successful in his career. He has released several songs including “Same Girl” and “Chhad Gayi”. He has also sung for several Bollywood films. His songs have received millions of views on YouTube. He also sang the opening song of the IPL 2017.

Earnings per month

Known as “Gabru”, Guru Randhawa is one of the most famous singers of Punjabi music. He has earned millions through his talent. He is also a film actor, music composer and record producer. He is also one of the richest individuals in the music industry. Besides singing, he is also a philanthropist. He donates to various charities for the benefit of poor and disabled children. He donates 30% of his income to the charities.

He has a net worth of approximately $3.7 million in the United States. He is also estimated to have a net worth of up to $4.5 million in India. His net worth is estimated to grow 40% every year. He is also one of the most watched Indian singers on YouTube. He has 1.5 million followers on Instagram. His latest song “Slowly Slowly” featuring Pitbull has already gained 38 million views in 24 hours. He is also a brand ambassador of many big companies.


Despite his early years of age, Guru Randhawa has become a successful singer and actor. He is one of the most popular artists in India. He is one of the richest musicians in the country.

Guru Randhawa is an Indian singer, musician, actor and film producer. He has worked with various music industries like T-Series, Bollywood and Indi-pop. In addition, he has appeared in several films and has performed in many stage performances. He is also known for his hit songs like “Slowly Slowly”, “Naach Meri Rani”, “Suit”, “Patola”, “Daaru Wargi”, “Raat Kamal Hai”, “Ban Ja Rani”, “Made in India”, “ABLE”. He has a large fan base in India.

Guru Randhawa was born on August 30, 1991, in the Indian city of Mumbai. His family moved to the Gurdaspur district of Punjab when he was a child. His father is a farmer. He was always interested in music. When he was seven, he started learning to sing. He participated in various singing competitions while he was in school.

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