Greg Comer Obituary 2021

Greg Comer Obituary 2021

You have found the right place if you are searching for a Greg Comer obituary. He is an American TV personality who spent almost seven years battling cancer. His love of life and people will be remembered in his obituary, along with his wit and sense of humor. Many will also recall his passion for cooking. We will all miss him. Here’s a little more information about the man who had such a positive effect on everyone.

greg comer battled cancer for almost 7 years

Greg Comer, 41, battled cancer for seven long years, and recently lost the battle to it. A prayer chain was created in his honor on Facebook earlier this year. It was first shared in 2011, and then again in 2017. In late 2017, the prayer chain was reposted online, re-circulating the copy/paste text. People from all over the country shared the prayer chain, which was written as if Comer had only days left to live.

Greg Comer first posted his prayer request in 2011 and again in 2017. The prayer chain for Greg is a tribute to the strength of his family, who support him through every step of the way. Greg’s children, Jacob and Alyssa, are his most important supporters. Greg is survived by his wife and two kids. They have been encouraged by the prayers of all people in the world.

greg comer’s love of people

The memories of Greg Comer will continue to live on, and his love for music will live on. Greg was a wonderful person who cared about other people, and he wanted them to celebrate his passing. His love of music was evident to everyone who met him. He was a member of his community and loved his friends and family. His wife Bonnie, his sons Michael (Sarah Lewis), and daughter Emily (Kevin Appler) are his survivors. He also has grandchildren Lucas, Evangeline and Tobias DeSalvatore. Greg was also survived by his brother Vincent, brothers-in-law Lynn and Harry (Anita), and Aunts Theresa DeSalvatore and Mary Ann Natoli.

Greg Comer has been fighting cancer for nearly seven years and doctors have given him just days to live. His parents also died, but his wife continued to support him by taking photos. He was a strong Catholic who was active in the parish where he grew. He is survived by his wife Karen Marino Comer, who he married on August 16, 1975. They have two daughters, ages 16-17, together.

In April 2017, a prayer request was posted on Facebook in memory of Greg Comer who had been fighting cancer for seven years. The prayer request, which originated in 2011 and was resurfaced in April of this year, went viral. Greg Comer, who died on November 18th, was a shock to his family. The world will miss Greg Comer’s loving kindness and caring heart.

greg comer’s concern for his family

Greg Comer’s family wants his obituary a celebration of his life and not a sad document. In early January 2011, a prayer chain was started in his honor on Facebook, shared by people all over the country. Comer, who died of cancer on February 26, still has the prayer chain copied and pasted everywhere, more than 10 years later. Comer stated his request in the original prayer chain as if he had only a few days left to live.

A prayer request for Greg Comer resurfaced on Facebook in April 2017 and has been shared by many since then. The original post became viral in 2011, but it has been republished. Sadly, Comer succumbed to cancer, he was 41 years old. His obituary 2021 will include a beautiful tribute to him, his family and friends.

greg comer’s love of cooking

One of Greg Comer’s great passions was cooking. He loved cooking for friends and family and preparing delicious meals for everyone. Greg was a huge fan of the Ohio State football teams, as well as the Cleveland Browns, Indians and Cleveland Browns. He also loved oldies and spent many hours outside with his family. Greg loved spending time with his grandchildren and his grandpups. His family and friends will be able share the fond memories Greg shared with them after his death.

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