George Dana Donnell Jr

Dr. George D. O’Donnell, MD

At age 15, O’Donnell suffered a femur injury which inspired him to pursue surgery after meeting Joseph Dorgan. Dorgan had become an esteemed orthopedic specialist in Boston and treated members of the beloved Patriots team; he also served as a pillar in his community. O’Donnell was so inspired by Dorgan’s confidence and expertise that he decided medicine would be his career of choice.

After graduating from Harvard College, ODonnell was eager to begin his surgical career and chose Tufts School of Medicine. To his delight, he was accepted into the Fifth (Harvard Surgical Service), a general surgery residency program run by William V. McDermott Jr. MD – legendary former head of Massachusetts General Hospital.

In the medical field, competition is fierce; as ODonnell progressed in his career, he formed strong connections with several top hospitals around New England. His tenure at Tufts-New England Medical Center (now Tufts Medical Center) proved particularly fruitful throughout its length and scope.

He is renowned for creating novel vascular treatments that have significantly improved the outcomes of venous patients, as well as for training the next generation of vascular specialists. With over 160 peer-reviewed publications and 62 book chapters to his name, he continues to be actively involved in both national and regional professional societies.

O’Donnell is renowned for his surgical accomplishments as well as his quirky sense of humor. He tells great stories and loves to recall memories from his hometown of Winchester, Illinois. Aside from playing golf and spending time with family members, O’Donnell takes great pleasure in following the sports teams of his beloved hometown team – Winchester, Illinois – with enthusiasm.

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