Gentner Drummond Family Tree

Gentner Drummond Family Tree

You have reached the right place if you are looking for information about the Gentner Drummond family tree. Here you can learn everything you need to know about this interesting family. Read on for more information! The Drummond name is a habitational name derived from the Gaelic words “drumainn” and “druim.” The family’s chief ancestor was Maurice of Hungary. Maurice’s brother Edgar Atheling accompanied his sister Margaret to Scotland in 1068. They eventually married King Malcolm III. The Old Norse word dromon, which means ‘runner’, is the origin of the name “Dromund”.

In early 2019, Ree Drummond and her husband Ladd revealed that they had adopted a foster son, Jamar, from a Texas orphanage. They had no plans to foster Jamar, but his circumstances were presented in such a way that Ladd and Ree could not ignore the situation. Paige Drummond is Alex’s younger sister and a student at University of Arkansas. She is currently studying hospitality management at Arkansas University. Paige Drummond has never married or dated anyone.

Gentner Drummond, a Republican, is a prominent rancher and banker as well as a lawyer. He is the Republican nominee to be Oklahoma’s attorney general. In November, he will face Libertarian Lynda Stahle. He ran for the same position four years ago but lost the primary due to an extramarital affair. He holds a J.D. Georgetown University Law Center. He is also a former air force pilot and a mission commander in the Persian Gulf War. He currently resides in McBirney Mansion.

Drummond Land & Cattle Co. is co-owned by Ladd Drummond and his brother Tim. The Drummond family has been in business for five generations, and the company is west of Pawhuska, Oklahoma. In 2013, the Drummond family owned 433,000 acres of land. According to Modern Farmer, they were the twenty-third largest landowners in the United States. However, their ranching activities have cost the government $24 million.

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