Fresh Prints Of Bel Air Shorts

Fresh Prints of Bel Air Shorts

These modern takes on classic varsity jackets are a must-have in every streetwear enthusiast’s closet. Available in an array of sizes (perfect for millennials!) and made with only the highest quality materials, these items are all priced under $200!

Our favorite hoodie of the bunch is this stylish silver piece. Crafted in Italy, its name is even embossed on the back for quality assurance. Available in various colors – such as navy and black – with a handy side pocket to store balls during practice sessions. There’s only one slight complaint: it’s slightly too small; after all, you only get one pair!

For all those b-ball bags you’ve been dreaming of, Selfridges has them all covered – featuring your favourite alumni brands from Tommy Hilfiger to Diesel.

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