Frank Niu Net Worth

What is Frank Niu’s Net Worth?

Currently, the estimated net worth of Frank Niu is around $30 million. In addition, he has a career as a writer, podcaster, and TikTok creator. This is all part of his long list of accomplishments. He started out in his early childhood as a child actor, and he’s also a well-known comedian. He’s also made some movies and has appeared in TV shows such as The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.


During his childhood, Frank Niu was attracted to the world of computers. He began a career in the tech industry at a very young age. He eventually found success in several large companies, and has amassed a huge net worth. Some of his biggest employers include Netflix, Grubhub, Credit Karma, and IBM.

During his time at IBM, Niu earned $74,000. He also earned a hefty sign on bonus of $7,500. He earned a more substantial package with GrubHub, including a stock package worth over $200,000. Niu also got a nice bonus with Netflix, including a bonus worth more than $500,000. He made a similar sign on offer with Credit Karma, and was offered a stock package of more than $140,000.

Frank Niu has been married for a long time, and has two children with his wife, Annie. They have amassed a combined net worth of about $2 million. They have made a number of investments, including their first angel investment, with Beacons. They also have an impressive social media following, with more than 750,000 followers on their @frankniu account.


Despite having Chinese roots, Frank Niu is an American citizen. He is also a software engineer and has worked for various companies such as Netflix, Credit Karma, and GrubHub. He has also accumulated a large amount of wealth through his work. He has been asked to serve as an advisor for various startups.

Frank Niu was born in China, and grew up in Los Angeles, California. He began his career as a software engineer. He worked at companies such as Netflix and IBM. He also worked as a short form content creator on TikTok. He has over 748,000 followers on his TikTok account. He has also given a number of interviews. Currently, he is married and has two children. He lives in a comfortable home in the United States with his wife. Niu’s career has allowed him to travel and live a comfortable lifestyle. He does not have any religious beliefs.

TikTok account

Despite the success of TikTok, Frank Niu isn’t one of the billionaires who are making their fortune on this video sharing platform. Frank Niu is actually a former software engineer who worked for big names such as Netflix and GrubHub. He left these companies in October and now works as a content creator on TikTok.

He started out by competing with his wife’s TikTok account. He has over 748,000 followers. While he has never stated where his money comes from, he does say that he and his wife have hit their target of two million in assets. He has also invested in a few startups. He recently made his first angel investment with Beacons.

Frank Niu hasn’t been known for relationships. He started dating his wife, Annie, after they met while working for a company. They got married in 2022. They have two children. Despite this, he doesn’t believe that TikTok is a good way to spend your time.


Whether you’re looking for tech and finance advice on TikTok or you want to know what Frank Niu’s got to say about life, you can find it all on his podcast, Frankly Speaking. Frankniu is a former software engineer who has worked for companies like Netflix and GrubHub. Now he’s a tech expert and short form content creator on TikTok. He’s also been asked to give advice to startups and other tech companies.

As a child, Frank was attracted to computers. As an adult, he was hired by big companies like Netflix, IBM, Credit Karma, Dwolla, and GrubHub. In addition to his work at these companies, he also worked for a few other smaller firms. He has accumulated a big amount of wealth while working in the important positions at various large companies. He even made his first angel investment in Beacons, a startup company that makes products for home security systems.

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