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Fashion Icon Fran Drescher

Style icon Fran Drescher is unbeatable. For nearly two decades, we’ve watched her character, Fran Fine on The Nanny, wear clothes from top fashion labels like Mugler and Versace – inspiring both youth and adults alike with her timeless aesthetic.

Drescher, despite her age, continues to inspire fashion inspiration into popular culture and her work has made an impact in both acting and activism. Recently, she has starred in multiple movies as well as creating her own TV series entitled Happily Divorced.

She is also the face of ThredUp’s Full Circle campaign, an upcycling initiative that uses repurposed fabrics for women’s apparel, accessories and home goods. She modeled the collection for Vanity Fair alongside costume designer Brenda Cooper.

Drescher co-created The Nanny with her then-husband Peter Marc Jacobson, which has seen a resurgence of popularity thanks to HBO Max and streaming services. It has even been adapted into a film featuring Christian Serratos as Fran Fine.

It’s easy to understand why. In the show, Drescher played a nanny to the Sheffield family from Flushing, NY. Additionally, she had an affinity for fashion – often sporting latex and metallic pieces.

Fran was known for her eclectic style, often mixing colors and prints together. She loved animal print, especially leopard, which she showcased in various forms: faux-fur coat with cropped turtleneck, as well as a leopard mini dress.

Her favorite looks included a Moschino pink pantsuit with dartboard print on the skirt. She accessorized with matching hat, scarf and gloves for an upscale girl-club aesthetic.

Her Moschino Union Jack blazer was another vibrant look, featuring sports pennant prints. It helped her stand out at Brighton Sheffield’s baseball game.

Drescher often chose curly waves for her hairstyle. Her long, flowing locks accentuated her body shape and created a feminine aesthetic.

She adorned her blonde locks in a cute braided bun.

The 63-year-old star took to Instagram to promote her charity Cancer Schmancer and the upcoming Fran Jam Music Festival, wearing one of the most eye-catching pieces she ever wore on The Nanny: a Moschino vest featuring bold stripes in green, red, yellow, orange, and purple.

Drescher shared a photo of herself wearing the vest alongside an older photo of herself with her kids, captioned, “It’s never too late to grab this rainbow Moschino vest from your closet!”

Drescher is a style icon, always managing to effortlessly wear the latest trends. Additionally, she’s an activist and has spoken out in favor of diversity and inclusivity.

The actress is an outspoken champion for diversity in media, having starred in roles that showcase cultural diversity. Additionally, she has championed causes such as LGBTQ rights and immigration reform. In her Netflix documentary Living Undocumented, she speaks out about families separated at the border and their feelings regarding current US immigration policies.

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