Foodstirs Pumpkin Bread Mix

Foodstirs Pumpkin Bread Mix Review

An autumn-friendly baking mix that features organic pumpkin and warming spices.

Foodstirs Junk-Free Baking Mixes make baking from scratch both tasty and easy! Made with organic, ethically sourced ingredients that don’t contain high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners or additives – Foodstirs mixes are an easy and fun way to bring the whole family together around the kitchen table while satisfying sweet tooths while simultaneously developing skills!

How it Works To create one loaf, combine Foodstirs Pumpkin Bread Mix with water and vegetable oil in a mixing bowl before stirring in eggs. Transfer batter to an ungreased loaf pan before baking according to package directions.

If you’re trying to reduce calories, swap out oil for an equal amount of milk or oat milk; alternatively Libby’s kit comes equipped with sugar-free icing which makes it suitable for diabetics or anyone else with dietary restrictions.

Comparing it to Trader Joe’s pumpkin-bread and muffin mix, Libby’s was slightly better tasting; more moist with a very light flavor that didn’t taste too strongly of baking soda (an ingredient found in many bread and muffin mixes). Furthermore, I loved that their mix came complete with an adorable turkey cookie cutter! Plus it makes baking fun without taking up much time – you can purchase one for as little as $2.99 which makes it an affordable way to satisfy baking urges!

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