flex carpet cleaner

The Flex ICE cleaning emulsifier makes a great choice when choosing a carpet cleaner. It offers the best overall value in carpet cleaning, surpassing other acidic extract agents and rivaling the cleaning power alkaline formulas. This new ingredient neutralizes high pH products while reducing browning, bleeding, and resoiling. The best part is that the ICE cleaning formula is safe to use with all types of fiber.

The Flex FIRE extraction rinse, a high-pH rinsing solution, is an ideal choice for heavy-duty commercial carpets. It dissolves quickly and leaves a sparkling clean. It is inexpensive and contains special additives to prevent equipment corrosion. It leaves a pleasant natural orange smell. This rinsing agent is designed to clean even the most soiled carpets, while preventing precipitation.

The Flex fire rinse can be added to five gallons of water. Mix the solution with the water until the granular consistency is uniform. If you’re using a portable cleaning machine, use three cups of Flex FIRE rinse. For systems set on low settings, or excessively soiled carpets, you can use three cups. For portable systems, add two ounces of Flex FIRE to five gallons of hot water and mix thoroughly.

The FlexClean is an all-in-one floor cleaner designed to clean carpet and sealed hard floors. This lightweight, multi-surface cleaning machine provides superior suction power and deep-down cleaning abilities, leaving your hard and soft flooring clean and fresh-smelling. The FlexClean also eliminates the need to switch machines or tools between soft and hard floors. The FlexClean has a powerful suction to remove even the toughest dirt.

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