Fire In The Bronx This Morning

A Fire in the Bronx This Morning Left One Dead

Today morning in the Bronx there was a fire which forced numerous residents from their apartment complex and caused heavy smoke and traffic delays in the area. According to witnesses who saw it unfold before them, witnesses described a large and fast-moving blaze; witnesses also claimed one victim died from it – she is thought to be 59-year-old woman living there whom hasn’t been named by authorities yet.

At around 3 a.m., firefighters responded to reports of a fire near an office complex on West Washington Street in Atlanta. Helicopters and numerous emergency vehicles also helped put out the flames by around 3:30 a.m. A neighbor of the building informed News 12 that fire had broken through its roof and spread throughout several floors, eventually becoming under control at approximately 3:30 am.

Residents fled in groups and were assisted by FDNY workers as they left. Some residents jumped from windows while others broke windows; still others waited patiently on the streets until rescuers came.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation and anyone with information should call (347) 684-3643 immediately.

Multiple people were taken to hospitals for medical attention, and several families are being relocated by Red Cross assistance. Scotti Community Center will remain open as an outreach effort for those whose homes were damaged in the fire.

Wesley Patterson was in the bathroom when his girlfriend knocked on his door to report flames coming from another apartment complex. Immediately he rushed outside and saw an overwhelming cloud of smoke enveloping them both, prompting them to rush inside as quickly as possible for safety. “We were just trying to breathe,” recalls Wesley, “but within moments it engulfed us all.”

Fire was started by an inoperable space heater used as a supplement to the building’s heating, which was also on. Due to an open door, flames spread quickly causing this residential blaze which claimed over twenty lives and is the deadliest fire ever in Chicago’s history.

Daniel Nigro of FDNY says the fire could have been much worse but swift action prevented it from spiraling out of control. Crews who entered the building found victims on every floor; many were in cardiac or respiratory arrest.

These deaths bring to mind the 1990 fire at Happy Land social club in the Bronx that claimed 87 lives – nearly all due to smoke inhalation.

New York Mayor Eric Adams issued an Executive Order on Fire Safety to improve fire safety enforcement, outreach initiatives and detect violations.

This fire was one of many deadly fires that have recently plagued the Bronx. These incidents have raised public outrage and highlighted concerns over housing quality in the borough, while calling attention to an urgent need for more affordable and safe homes in New York State Assemblyman Robert Williams called these fires “travesties,” adding “This tragedy can be avoided,” adding “We must invest more in housing specifically targeting working class families who are paying the price for neglect. They deserve better.”

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