Finn Wolfhard Nose Job

Finn Wolfhard Needs a Nose Job

Finn Wolfhard has become an iconic actor after making an exceptional impression in Stranger Things since it premiered on Netflix in 2016. At just 13 years old when Stranger Things debuted in 2016, Finn gained widespread fame through his outstanding performance as Richie Tozier from It and its sequel It: Chapter Two; in addition, he went on to star in other films such as The Goldfinch as Boris Pavlikovsky; Pugsley Addams from The Addams Family and Trevor from Ghostbusters Afterlife (2021). Alongside acting skills he is also an accomplished musician as well as model!

Young actor Caleb McLaughlin is an incredibly multitalented talent, and fans cannot get enough of him. A skilled guitarist and singer, as well as being the director of comedy short Night Shifts. Additionally, he has appeared in fashion campaigns by Calvin Klein as well as Saint Laurent where he recently co-starred alongside Annabelle Wallis from Stranger Things in their fall/winter campaign together.

On a recent Instagram post, they could be seen sporting matching skinny pinstriped suits and polka-dot button-ups – a look which we found chic and can’t wait to see them do again next season of Stranger Things! Fans are already excited for them both to return as part of this iconic duo.

The hit streaming show, popular among fans worldwide, may receive its fifth season. Although creators the Duffer Brothers remain mum on this matter, rumors abound of an extension for this hit drama series.

Millie Bobby Brown has made no secret of her desire for Stranger Things to return for a fifth season and has frequently referenced the Duffer Brothers in her posts – and fans seem to be taking notice!

One aspect that has raised concern among fans is how show stars have been sexualized by some fans. Following its first season premiere, there was much online chatter regarding Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard). Although fans typically ship these two characters together, sexualizing the actors often led them down an unhealthy path of mistaking their roles with those of their characters and sexualizing them inappropriately.

Although Wolfhard and his co-stars are immensely talented and successful in their chosen fields, they remain children at heart. Luckily for him and them all, neither they nor other young celebrities have experienced any form of sexism as experienced by other young celebrities.

Wolfhard has always had a charming smile, with no indication that any dental procedure had been undertaken on his teeth. Furthermore, there have been no issues regarding his facial appearance from him or any references from others about any concerns over facial structure issues or appearance issues he might be having. Additionally, the actor suffers from Cleidocranial Dysplasia which impacts bone development specifically cranial and collar bones as well as teeth development; Cleidocranial Dysplasia causes the bones to fuse early causing it to lead to facial features issues as well.

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