Fez And Lexi Euphoria Fanfiction

Euphoria Characters – Fez and Lexi

Euphoria is beloved TV show that is loved by many viewers across social media, and particularly TikTok where its devotees can be found sharing fan theories, gifs, and general fandom chatter about it all day long.

Euphoria has also earned praise for its seductive chemistry between Fez and Lexi, with various trends on TikTok featuring them kissing each other – such as “Fezco kissing Lexi.”

Although The 100 is known for its character development, many of its protagonists don’t always have great relationships. This theme has been explored throughout this season.

As a result, there are obvious flaws in their relationship. First off, both have some significant anger issues they are trying to work through.

Second, both sisters have difficulty with distancing themselves from their parents and home life. This presents both of them with difficulty as the way that their mother praises Cassie constantly makes them feel neglected by her.

However, they remain close and it shows in how they support one another. Lexi is especially protective of her younger sibling; often accompanying her to appointments or the abortion clinic itself.

She assists the cast with their play during the season – an essential aspect of her character that shows she cares for others while not being as powerful as she seems.

Lexi’s character also shines through in many episodes with her kindness toward Rue Bennett, whom she would normally help, yet was concerned might become addicted to drugs. We see her give Rue her urine to pass her sobriety test during the show’s pilot – an act which would normally not happen between best friends, yet Lexi was concerned Rue might become dependent on drugs and was giving it in order to pass.

Her caring nature can also be seen when she protects her sister when she’s being mistreated by their father. She provides cover for her and provides help when playtime gets difficult to keep up with everything happening around them.

Lexi is easily the most likable character in Euphoria due to her openness and warmth towards friends and family members alike. Additionally, her confidence stems from wanting to find herself separate from what her sister laid out for her.

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