Favia Primary Care

Favia Primary Care

Favia Primary Care’s physicians and staff are committed to the health of their patients. Their board-certified family medicine physician, Dr. Philip Favia, and his team always place their patients’ needs first. Favia Primary Care is an excellent way to have a conversation about your health care needs.

Favia Primary Care offers comprehensive medical care for families in Crystal Lake and Algonquin. They focus on prevention and wellness, offering immunizations and screenings for chronic diseases. They also provide comprehensive pediatric care, including a weight-loss program. Patients can come to the practice for appointments or walk-in care.

Favia Primary Care, Sc is registered as a physician office under the CLIA. It has a CLIA Certificate of Waiver, which means that it performs certain tests without risk to patients. Tests that are waived are those that are simple and carry a low risk of incorrect results.

Patients should verify their insurance coverage with the provider’s office before scheduling an appointment. If coverage information is incorrect, patients should notify their insurance company. Patients should be open with their healthcare providers so that they can be honest to their insurers. They should also tell their doctors about their treatment experiences. Consider switching providers if you are unhappy with your care.

Primary care physicians are the primary point of contact for patients who need comprehensive health care. They advocate for patients and their families within the health care system. They work to develop a partnership with patients and their families so they can better understand their condition. They strive to provide comprehensive care to patients, and to improve the quality of their lives.

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