Father’s Day Tuxedo Card

How to Make a Father’s Day Tuxedo Card

Father’s Day is an opportunity to express your gratitude for all that your dad does for you and your family. No matter if he’s the master griller, baseball fanatic, or DIY mastermind – show him with a handmade card how much you appreciate all he’s accomplished.

Your dad is sure to appreciate this DIY tuxedo card. It’s the perfect way for him to give him a personalized present on his special day and it’s super easy for kids to create.

Step 1: Download and print a free tuxedo card template onto regular printer paper. Trace each piece onto colored craft papers that match the template’s color scheme; for instance, if you want to make the inner shirt piece light blue, trace it onto light blue paper.

Once you have all of the colored papers, cut out all of the shapes necessary for creating your tuxedo card. Once everything is cut out, glue everything together and write your Father’s Day message on the back of the card.

Let your child decorate a tuxedo card with their favorite colors and designs. It’s an enjoyable project for the whole family to do together, and you can make it extra special by writing a note inside to express how much you care.

Next, fold the tuxedo card into a sleeve to give it the appearance of being worn as a shirt. You could also add an inside pocket on the front that holds a small gift such as a bottle of wine or some candy.

You can transform your tuxedo card into t-shirt paper by attaching two pieces of red cardstock to the back. This will give it the appearance of a t-shirt and allow for writing your Dad’s special message on the back.

Another cute DIY tuxedo card idea is to make a bow tie. This easier version requires less folding and can be done by children as young as three years old.

For something a bit more difficult, why not make this paper t-shirt card for your Dad? He’ll surely love it and remember that your child made it just for him!

What makes this card extra special for kids is that they can color it themselves and write their own messages! What better way to show Dad how special he is than having them do this with all of their family?

For DIY-ers, these Father’s Day card ideas are sure to please. No matter your skill level or taste in designs, you’re sure to find something suitable for your father!

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