Father Mike Schmitz Net Worth

What is Father Mike Schmitz Net Worth?

Whether you know who Father Mike is or not, you probably know of his famous social media accounts. These accounts are a great way to get to know him and learn more about his life. You can also learn about his career, his cars, and his personal life.


Known as the host of the popular podcast The Bible in a Year, Father Mike Schmitz is a Catholic priest in Duluth, Minnesota. He is the director of youth and young adult ministry for the Diocese of Duluth and is also chaplain for the Newman Center at the University of Minnesota-Duluth. He is the author of the book The Great Adventure Bible Timeline, which is a study guide that helps readers understand the Bible in its entirety.

Father Mike is also a speaker and has spoken at various Catholic conferences and universities. He has also been featured in Ascension Presents, which is an organization dedicated to presenting the truth and beauty of the Catholic faith through media. The organization aims to provide faith-filled videos and audio recordings.

Early life

Currently, Mike is the director of youth and young adult ministries for the Diocese of Duluth, Minnesota. He is also the chaplain for the Newman Center at the University of Minnesota-Duluth. He has also spoken at many Catholic events.

Mike Schmitz has become a prominent Catholic speaker on YouTube. His videos cover topics such as mixed martial arts, Batman v Superman, and Catholicism. He also has written articles for diocesan newspapers.

Schmitz’s most popular video series, The Bible in a Year, jumped to the top of the Apple podcasts charts within hours of releasing the first episode. The podcast follows a reading plan that’s inspired by The Great Adventure Bible Timeline. The podcast has also surpassed National Public Radio in terms of downloads. Its episodes have reached a total of 3.3 billion minutes of listening worldwide.


‘Father Mike’ Schmitz is a priest in the Diocese of Duluth, Minnesota, and he wears many hats. He is a homilist, youth minister, and chaplain for the University of Minnesota Duluth. In addition to his ministry, he writes for diocesan newspapers and gives speeches and sermons around the country.

He has produced many videos on his YouTube channel, which has racked up millions of views. He is known for his ‘Bible in a Year’ podcast, which has become the most popular religion podcast on Apple’s platform. The podcast has achieved a feat of sorts, surpassing both the secular podcasts and the more traditional radio stations. In fact, it has twice debuted at the top of Apple’s podcast charts.

Personal life

Known for his zany videos, Fr. Mike Schmitz is a Catholic priest, author and podcaster based in Duluth, Minnesota. He also serves as the director of youth and young adult ministry for the Diocese of Duluth. He has spoken for a number of Catholic programs, conferences and publications.

His most notable achievement is the Bible in a Year, a podcast series where he reads the entire Bible in one year. The series topped the Apple podcasts chart and surpassed National Public Radio in the process. It also reached 3.3 billion minutes of listening worldwide.

Father Mike is also a columnist for several diocesan newspapers and has spoken at numerous Steubenville conferences and other Catholic events. He is also involved in a number of study programs offered by Ascension Press.


Despite his recent vocation, Mike Schmitz has a storied career in the Catholic faith. His best-known contribution is his podcast, The Bible in a Year. Originally launched in January, it reached the top of the iTunes podcast charts within hours of its release. The podcast has been downloaded over 142 million times, eclipsing all other secular podcasts in the process.

The Bible in a Year is an audio podcast that walks through the entire Bible in 365 daily episodes. Each episode includes commentary and prayer. The podcast will end its coverage of the Book of Revelation on December 31. It has been estimated to reach 3.3 billion minutes of listening worldwide by 2021.

Social media accounts

Besides being a Catholic chaplain and author, Father Mike Schmitz is also a video producer. His YouTube channel, Ascension Presents, is home to the largest Catholic YouTube channel in English. He has also spoken for various Catholic programs, including Ascension Press, Steubenville conferences, and the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FCU).

Mike is also a big name in the Catholic evangelist community. His podcast The Bible in a Year (with Fr. Mike Schmitz) ™ has logged over 350 million downloads. He is also a frequent columnist for diocesan newspapers. As a result, he has received many awards and accolades, including being named a Top Ten Catholic Educator in America. He is also a top ten speaker on iTunes.

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