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Suki’s car in Fast and Furious was the first movie to feature a heavily decorated tuner car. The sequel, 2 Fast 2 Furious, continued the theme. Suki’s pink S2000, driven by Johnny Tran, was given a full makeover, incorporating anime-inspired graphics. Today, the car used in the movie lives in LA, where it is on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum.

The paintwork on Suki’s car was designed by Noah Elias, a car artist who previously worked for Alpine audio. The artist received $11,000 for each car he painted. The pink paint was designed to represent Suki’s strong feminine personality. The car’s paint job is very detailed, but it does not look very good inside. Its poor interior is one of the movie’s biggest weaknesses.

The Mitsubishi Maxima is an aesthetic disaster, but it does give credence to the idea that anything can be a performance car. However, it didn’t age well, and it didn’t look like it belonged on screen. It also had an annoying muffler that ruined the overall effect.

Among the fast cars featured in the movie franchise are the ’72 Mustang and ’71 Monte Carlo. The Fast & Furious cars are icons in the movie industry. The cars in the series have always mixed the late ’90s tuner car craze with the cult of American muscle. Even a Detroit ’71 Monte Carlo was featured in the Tokyo Drift sequence.

The Fast Five cars have a mid-engined V8. Fast Five cars come with a huge EMP. It was important for the production team to get a car that would fit Dwayne Johnson. Despite the lack of space inside the movie, the Fast Five cars have an oversize suspension and a more powerful engine.

NCIS season 2 episode “Bikini Wax” features Suki’s S2000. The car was originally owned by Johnny Tran, but was repainted as Suki’s car for the film. It is worth at least eight thousand dollars! The car is currently owned by Noah Fine Art.

The Fast and Furious series has a lot of love for the Nissan Skyline. It appears in many films. In one scene, Brian’s car races alongside Takashi. The Skyline later hits Letty and leaves her in amnesia. Later, Dom takes the Skyline apart to find the chip and drives it off a cliff.

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