Fallin For You Guitar Chords

Easy Guitar Chords For Beginners

No matter your experience or level, everyone needs at least a handful of songs they can quickly play when asked. Some may be easy to learn, while others require more work – but regardless of your skill set there’s bound to be one or more that make an evening more special or help you impress that special someone.

“Sweet Home Alabama,” with its simple chord progression and catchy melody, is one of the easiest guitar songs to learn. This Lynyrd Skynyrd classic offers a straightforward three-chord progression throughout much of its lyrics – an ideal option for beginning guitar players. To master it quickly and accurately, simply practice its strumming pattern by switching between hammer-ons and pull-offs with your picking hand while strumming along. Practicing this strum pattern will have you playing “Sweet Home Alabama” before long!

“Free Fallin’,” from Green Day’s hit song of the same name, is another excellent option for beginner guitarists. With open chords that are easier for newcomers to finger than barre chords and can be played quickly using calypso strum (down-up-down), “Free Fallin” offers plenty of practice opportunities and provides an excellent way to develop picking technique; make sure that each string receives enough force when picking to keep it from sounding dead; spend as much time practicing this pattern until you master it completely.

If you enjoy acoustic rock, then this song should be part of your repertoire of easy guitar songs to learn. A moving ballad that layers acoustic chords with distorted electric melodies to provide the perfect backdrop for singer Rob’s powerful vocal performance, this tune has an intricate strumming pattern which requires some practice but can easily be learned.

This song is the ultimate romantic number and should be an essential part of every singer-songwriter’s repertoire. Boasting an easy chord progression and emotive lyrics, this tune can create the ideal atmosphere for a romantic date night with someone special or serve as something to sing during concerts. Additionally, its distinctive strumming pattern offers the chance to work on rhythm and timing; once mastered it will come naturally as you perform this song with all its emotion that John Legend did himself!

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