Fadi Fawaz Net Worth

What is Fadi Fawaz Net Worth?

Whether you are a fan or not, you have probably heard of Fadi Fawaz. His popularity has grown over the years, and he’s become an international superstar. He’s had a number of famous songs, and is often referred to as “the Prince of pop.” But what is his net worth?


During the time of the death of British singer George Michael, one of his most trusted and devoted followers was Fadi Fawaz. Fadi was the last person to see his beloved alive before he died.

Before being a celebrity, Fadi Fawaz had an ordinary life. He was born in 1973 in Australia, and is of Lebanese descent. He is a hairstylist and a photographer. He has worked with numerous famous names, including Naomi Campbell and The Pussycat Dolls. He has also participated in the civil rights movement.

The death of George Michael in 2015 led to the rise of Fadi Fawaz in the public eye. The two men were photographed together, and Fadi appeared to be very close to the singer. He also helped the singer through his rehab program.


Besides being a famous Family Member, Fadi Fawaz is a model and hairstylist. He is also known as the boyfriend of famous British singer George Michael. In 2016, he was the last man to see George alive. Moreover, he has worked with many celebrities including Naomi Campbell.

Fadi Fawaz’s net worth is estimated at between $1 million to $5 million. His primary source of income is from his family members.

He has also worked as a hairstylist for several models, including Naomi Campbell and the Pussycat Dolls. His photography skills have also been praised.

Fadi Fawaz has never spoken publicly about his personal life. He was never married and has never disclosed his family details.


Known as the boyfriend of late singer George Michael, Fadi Fawaz was reportedly residing in the mansion of the late singer. However, the family of the late singer has denied that Fadi is homeless and claims that they do not know about the rumors surrounding the matter.

Fadi Fawaz was a hairstylist and a photographer. He reportedly has a net worth of $5-6 million USD. He is a native of Lebanon but moved to Australia when he was young. He later went to study in Kingsbury High School in London. He later teamed up with George Michael after Kenny Goss parted ways with the singer.


Until recently, Fadi Fawaz was not widely known. However, he has recently gained a lot of attention after being linked to George Michael. It’s not the first time the two men have been linked, but they’ve only been seen together a few times.

The pair had an alleged romance, but it has been kept relatively quiet. They were spotted together on several occasions in Switzerland and Zurich, and they appeared to have a great time. They even performed together in Zurich in July 2015. Their relationship was never publicly revealed, but they were often seen together on social media.

Fadi Fawaz is a freelance photographer, hairdresser, and celebrity hairstylist. He has worked with numerous celebrities, including Naomi Campbell, Emily Blunt, and The Pussycat Dolls. He moved to London after finishing his studies.

Relationship with George Michael

During the relationship between Fadi Fawaz and George Michael, there were some rumors about the pair. Some said that the pair had a tumultuous relationship. Others said that the two were in an amicable relationship. These claims were dismissed by the family of the late singer. The family of George Michael argued that Fadi was not part of their family and that his relationship with the late singer was only business.

When the two were dating, Fadi was photographed at George’s Cotswold stone mill in Goring-on-Thames. The couple were also pictured walking hand in hand. They were also photographed while George was in rehab.


Known as a hairdresser, model, and vlogger, Fadi Fawaz is a celebrity stylist. He is a Lebanese-Australian and has worked with many famous musicians. His most prominent client is Naomi Campbell.

Fadi Fawaz’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. He is not a household name by himself, but his relationship with the late British singer George Michael was a huge source of fame and fortune.

In addition to being a hairstylist, Fadi Fawaz was also the last person to see George alive. He had a long-term relationship with George, and they were together for nearly a decade. After George’s death, Fadi was still living in his former Regent’s Park home.

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