Eric Butterbean Net Worth

Eric Butterbean Net Worth

Besides his martial arts, he has a very successful boxing career. His net worth is estimated to be around $8 million dollars. The boxer has won six professional titles in his career. He also has a wife named Libby Gaskin. The pair have one child. The family lives in Los Angeles.

Early life

Throughout his early life, Eric Butterbean experienced several different homes and schools. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia and lost his mother when he was eight years old. When he was eleven, his family moved to Jasper, Alabama. During this time, he was a victim of bullying. He also had to deal with body shaming.

He began boxing in the late 1980s, and eventually became a champion. His first professional fight was on October 15, 1994. He lost his first battle against Genki Sudo. He then went on to defeat Bart Gunn, Cliff Compton, and Trent Acid. He also defeated former Golden Gloves champion Marc Mero. He won his first IBA Super Heavyweight Championship in 1997. He went on to win five World Toughman Heavyweight Championships. He also won the K-1 World Grand Prix in Hawaii in 2005. He also appeared in several TV shows and films.

Professional boxing career

Known as one of the first MMA fighters, Eric Butterbean has been a huge name in the combat sports industry. The former boxer has also appeared in a number of television shows and films, including Jackass: The Movie, Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling, and Friends of the People. He is married to Libby Gaskin.

In his career, Butterbean had a total of 77 fights. He won 58 of them, with 4 ties and 36 knockouts. He earned a net worth of $600 thousand as of 2022.

Butterbean started his career as a boxer in 1994. He began training at the Texarkana Toughman Contest in Arkansas. He lost his mother when he was eight, and moved to Jasper, Alabama, to live with his father. Despite the difficult childhood, Butterbean did not give up. He started his professional boxing career with a 56-5 record.

Kickboxing career

During his kickboxing career, Eric Butterbean fought seven times. The heaviest fighter of his time, Butterbean was at least five feet tall and weighed between 300 and 330 pounds. He was a grizzly in the ring, but he had some technique.

Eric Butterbean entered professional boxing in the early ’90s. He was a manufacturing plant worker at the time. Then, when he was about thirty, he decided to jump into professional boxing.

During his boxing career, Butterbean won a total of 77 fights. He also had a record of 10 losses. 58 of his victories were achieved via knockout.

In the early ’90s, Butterbean had a successful boxing career, winning the IBA World Super Heavyweight Championship in 1997. He also fought for the Pro Wrestling Syndicate’s Heavyweight Championship, defeating Trent Acid.

Mixed martial artist career

Almost two decades of fighting has earned Eric Butterbean a net worth of $500 thousand. He is a professional boxer and a mixed martial arts fighter. He has also appeared in several TV shows and movies. He has a wife and three kids. He is from Jasper, Alabama.

Eric Butterbean began his professional boxing career in 1994. He fought 91 times. He was a heavyweight, standing 5 foot 11 inches. He was a 77 – win fighter, with 58 of his victories coming by knockout. He has also fought in kickboxing. He has competed in K-1 for three wins. He is also a playable character in the fifth installment of the Fight Night series from EA Sports. He defeated Tim Daniels in the game.

Marriage to Libby Gaskin

Among the most famous athletes in the world, Eric Butterbean Esche is a boxer and a mixed martial artist. He has been involved in almost every professional combat sport and has earned a great deal of fame and a lot of money through his hard work and dedication. He is also a very popular media personality and has earned a lot of attention for his excellent photographs.

Eric Butterbean Esche was born on August 3, 1966 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He is of German descent and his parents moved to St. Johns, Michigan when he was just a few years old. When Eric Butterbean was eight years old, his mother passed away. During his childhood, Butterbean was frequently bullied and changed homes twice.

As a young child, Eric Butterbean started taking boxing lessons. He eventually entered the professional boxing circuit in the early ’90s. He was a very successful boxer and boxed 91 times. He won 77 times and lost 10 times. He also drew four times.

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