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Emily in Paris (DVD) Review

Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) relocates to Paris for a temporary marketing job in this Netflix comedy-drama series. As Emily adjusts to life in Paris, she faces cultural clashes and the difficulty of juggling work and personal commitments while searching for love.

Emily arrives in Paris without knowing the language and relies on Google Translate for survival. Along the way, she makes several false friends – people many French learners can identify with on their journeys to mastering French.

Emily’s coworkers at S

, Sylvie Grateau (Philippe Leroy-Beaulieu), Julien (Samuel Arnold) and Luc (Bruno Gouery), start calling her “la plouc,” an insult which Emily takes as an insult. When the trio attempts to explain it as a term of endearment, Emily takes offense and takes to the streets in protest.

At the same time, Sylvie’s marriage to Laurent Gesso (Pietro Bibbiani) is being put under strain. When she learns that Pierre Cadault (Frankie Deleon) and Mathieu – whom she is dating – are planning to open a club in Paris with Laurent, Sylvie becomes worried she will lose her job.

Sylvie’s marriage is in jeopardy, and she has also developed a romantic interest in Thomas, the young fashion designer employed by Pierre. When she discovers he’s having an affair with one of their married clients, Sylvie feels uncomfortable and decides to leave Savoir.

After Alfie (Nicholas Lewis), the company’s head of social media, kicks Emily out of a party, she explains to Mindy Chen (Ashley Park) that Nicholas doesn’t think they’re on good terms and she needs to make some sacrifices for her future. The following day, Alfie and Mindy attend Gabriel’s restaurant where Gabe will receive his Michelin star award.

Gabriel’s mother, Gigi, is visiting to help with the business and she has obvious issues with Camille. Just before Gabriel is about to say his vows, Camille interrupts and admits that Gabriel knows Emily loves him but has broken their pact. She’s angry about his refusal to accept her marriage proposal and wants their relationship taken to the next level.

This show doesn’t hold back on its sexual content. Couples ranging from scantily clad men to attractive women in tight clothing frequently kiss, make out, or make jokes about having sex.

In this episode, there’s plenty of drunkenness and smoking. Additionally, several characters display rudeness and snobbish attitudes.

Characters in this show struggle with sense of humor, leading to some lighthearted moments. Unfortunately, many of the jokes become tired and predictable after a while.

Throughout the series, there are many relationships that end in misunderstandings and hurt feelings. There are also instances where the main character falls in love with someone she shouldn’t, leading to a breakup.

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