Eli Tomac Net Worth 2022

Eli Tomac Net Worth 2022

Known as the world’s most famous mountain bike racer, Eli Tomac has racked up some major achievements in his career. The legendary rider has won numerous world championships and is set to continue racing in the future. He’s currently the most expensive motorcycle racer in the world with an estimated net worth of $20 million.

Motorcycle racer

Throughout his career, Eli Tomac has shown to be a great motorcycle racer. He has won five AMA Motocross titles and three AMA Supercross titles. He has also competed in the Motocross of Nations on three occasions. Eli is the son of legendary mountain bike racer John Tomac.

During his rookie season in 2010, Tomac won the first moto of the year. This led to a career change to motocross full-time. He now competes in the AMA Motocross, Supercross and Outdoor Motocross championships. He is also a member of the Monster Energy Star Yamaha team.

Eli Tomac’s KX450F is equipped with a fully customized factory built Kawasaki motor. The bike is also covered in carbon fiber and has strong MX rims. It also has a Twin Air radiator skin, which keeps the radiators in place and prevents them from pushing in.

Mountain bike legend

Known as the son of mountain bike legend John Tomac, Eli Tomac grew up on the Tomac ranch in California and developed a competitive spirit from a young age. The younger Tomac has been a force in the sport ever since.

Eli Tomac won his first professional race at age 19 when he entered the 250 Class AMA Motocross opener at Hangtown. He then earned his first Supercross title at age 30. The young motocrosser has now won both a 250 and a 450 class title in Supercross. Eli Tomac was also the first rider to win a professional Motocross race.

When Tomac was a teenager, he also raced professionally in road racing. He raced for the 7-Eleven team. He competed in a variety of races, including Paris-Roubaix and the Giro d’Italia. He was also part of the winning team in the 1989 USCF National Team Time Trial Championship. He also finished fourth at the UCI Cross Country World Cup in Barga, Italy.


Among the most decorated motocross riders in the sport, Eli Tomac is a seasoned champion and a proven contender for the AMA Supercross and motocross titles. He has won five motocross races, including the first outdoor 450cc event in 2014. He has also won a pair of AMA Supercross races and a couple of US Motocross Championships.

Eli Tomac has made a name for himself through a combination of racing and brand endorsements. He is currently earning a salary of $85,000 – $95,000 per year. In addition to his salary, he is also earning money through sponsorships and an online store.

Eli Tomac has been a member of the Monster Energy Kawasaki team for six years. His contract with the company ends at the end of 2021. However, the two companies mutually decided not to pursue an extension.

Merchandise range

Keeping in line with motocross and supercross enthusiasts’ need for motocross apparel, Eli Tomac and Kawasaki have partnered on a motocross apparel line. Featuring Tomac’s personal “ET3” brand name and logo, fans can now show their support for the defending motocross and supercross champ.

Eli Tomac’s merchandise store may be located in the desert of Phoenix, but his fans don’t have to travel far to stock up on motocross gear, Halloween costumes and branded tees. A few months back, Tomac branched out into the brick and mortar world. Today, Tomac’s merchandise is found in a number of retail establishments, including the local favorite, Cortez Cycle.

Tomac’s assortment includes the usual suspects – motocross gear, tees and hats, but a few novelty items also make their way onto the shelves. Among the most popular tees is the “KX450F” branded t-shirt.

Ethnicity, nationality, ancestry & race

Known for his professional motocross career, Eli Tomac is an American rider who is considered to be the most successful racer in history. He has competed in several motocross and supercross championships, as well as the AMA Supercross series.

Eli Tomac has won more than 100 races. He is the first racer to achieve professional success in the AMA Pro Motocross series. He has a significant fan following and is also a father of two children. He has also been in a relationship with longtime girlfriend Jessica Steiner.

Eli Tomac has earned a substantial net worth. He has racked up several brand endorsements and has earned a lot of prize money in his career. He also has a substantial following on Instagram. His Instagram profile has more than 934k followers and he has 132.9k followers on Twitter.

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