Elephant Care Bear

Lotsa Heart Elephant

The Lotsa Heart Elephant is the strongest member of the Care Bears. Olivia Hack voices her. She is pink with a contrast pink belly badge. The heart-shaped belly badge of the elephant resembles an old-style weight for hands. She also talks to plants! She’s not just cute though; she’s also very cuddly!

Lotsa Heart, a pink elephant, first appeared in the Care Bears movie in 1985. She is the Forest of Feelings’ most powerful creature. Her trunk is used for carrying things, but she sometimes is chastised for not being as coordinated as the others. The pink heart on her heart-shaped belly badge makes her a huge hand weight. She can also knock people’s minds!

Another pink Care Bear was called Love-A-Lot. She was the first painted Care Bear. It is shaped as a heart, with a pink or a red outline. Her sister was named Tenderheart. A yellow Care Bear, called Wish, is a care bear with listening abilities. Vintage Care Bears can be very expensive on the collectible market.

Other Care Bears movies have featured villains. The movies starring the characters have included “Dark Heart” and “Wizard of Wonderland.” However, the films featuring the bears have had their own versions of the villains. In the Care Bears Movie, the villains were the Rat King and the Evil Vizier. Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-Lot had no villains.

The Care Bears are a family of cute, cuddly bears. Their aim is to spread cheer and joy to sad people. The Tenderheart Bear is particularly helpful for expressing affection and spreading love. This bear doesn’t know anything about its Care Cousins who live in Forest of Feelings.

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